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>>/pol/12800 >>12799 I've never seen a Paki interested in pre historic population movements. Man I wish there were a few more proper haploti
>>/b/19598 >>19535 Interpals. I found a cute bahaduri there yesterday
>>/pol/12799 There is a Pakistani-Canadian poster on 4chan that is obsessed with his own pseudo-scientific studies regarding the genetics and
>>/pol/12798 Why do pakis think Pakistan is better than India?
>>/g/1296 Will we ever cure ageing in our lifetimes? I already look bad enough in my 20s, I shudder thinking about my 30s.
>>/meta/1469 >>1466 This too
>>/meta/1468 >>1426 Is it just me or do I feel like site is more heavier or has more scripts running now? Does anyone feel the responsivenes
>>/b/19597 >>19553 i remember watching conjuring with my little brother , it scared him so much he wouldn't go toilet with out me standing
>>/pol/12797 >>12788 it feels unatural when he doesn't dance
>>/b/19596 >>19556 You are most likely to fall in indian style
>>/b/19595 >>19579 we need based momos like you please stay generally it is dead but most of the traffics comes at after 7"O clock
>>/b/19594 >>19553 I had a recurring dream about a snake biting me while I was shitting after I watched wandshit number two as a kid, I'd