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>>/pol/50284 >>50258 >but hardly comparable to enlightenment philosophers Lmao we had already figured out most of the enlightenment era Eur
>>/pol/50283 It was already all over for Bernie when he spoke against Lundia on Kashmir issue. BASED bhangi janta party is interfering in Mut
>>/b/83209 >>83201 That's my point I mean i dont larp as white because i cant
>>/pol/50282 >>50195 Erichal pundaya ethraanunga these poraalis
>>/pol/50281 >>50239 english education we are so cucked bros
>>/pol/50280 >>50279 learn to properly reply and greentext first
>>/pol/50279 >>50242 >>50258 >Philosopher BhangiKrishnan and Chamaranada lmao
>>/pol/50278 >>50255 I heard Biden has dementia. It will be a quite fun to see him become the president of mutts
>>/pol/50277 >>50239 Thanks to Duratma gandu
>>/b/83208 >>82809 imagine being a chamar
>>/ent/7984 >>7983 Read the book nigga
>>/pol/50276 >>50271 I dissent your dissent