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>>/pol/236535 >>236432 this just too overused by trad bhangis yaar, not funny anymore
>>/pol/236534 >>236503 >>236504 why are Bangladeshis such ugly except for bhangali poomins cuties?
>>/pol/236533 >1 out of nearly half a billion Lundian w*men dies
>>/b/296412 With your current state, M.Tech, let alone a Ph.D is a day dream. Forget about it. It's totally not worth the struggle for someo
>>/pol/236532 >>236486 fees sad yaar
>>/pol/236531 >>236525 this, bacche mann ke sacche
>>/pol/236530 idk why any of you faggots even take this incel flaggot seriously how tf do you look down on anyone when you're a genetic dead e
>>/b/296411 >>296403 Seems like my gameplan, except I love CS and the I wanna take ECE because I can study CS on my own
>>/pol/236529 >>236057 funniest shit ive seen all day
>>/pol/236528 >>236065 either this image is doctored or your fucking electronics are garbage and if so, get a better computer retard
>>/ent/21378 Same here
>>/b/296410 >>296397 >Don't project chamaroid Everyone knows your mother lusts for superior syed cock