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>>/b/355595 >>355594 but how is that related to what i said
>>/b/355594 >>355593 I'm telling you that you will find your mother in the randikhana retard
>>/b/355593 >>355591 >Randikhana but i want to meet beautiful educated girls who are not thots and randikhana will be full of sluts yaar
>>/b/355592 >>355430 Makes sense I have never seen a model I found attractive It's the 'perfect' female form they peddle to women so norm
>>/b/355591 >>355590 Randikhana Go meet ur mother
>>/meta/9584 >>9569 She'll cuck you bro
>>/b/355590 >>355589 go where?
>>/man/1311 >>1310 miku i...
>>/b/355589 >>355539 For that you need to go outside.
>>/meta/9583 >>9574 Yaar are you one of the weebposters? You're giving us a bad name. Cease.
>>/man/1310 >>1301 I'm not kayasth yaaar