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>>/b/381342 >>381310 I hate those people who speak English at home in public they with speak loudly to showoff others "Ahahaga look we
>>/b/381341 >>381336 I do 500 but not all at once.
>>/b/381340 >>381337 damn bro i do not think about women or this coomer bullshit at all consider doing the same or at least consider suicid
>>/b/381339 >>381336 enjoy your fucked up knees
>>/b/381338 >>381204 Kek
>>/b/381337 The same feminists who say #LoveIsLove, said it's wrong to love your sister in a sexy way.
>>/b/381336 just did 200 skip ropes. noob numbers or good?
>>/b/381335 >>381177 Bhosdike lund chamar MX takatak download kar u will find infinite south delhi woman dancing to please Bihari horniness
>>/b/381334 >>381321 I am a sapiosexual faggot so I went to every Olympiad form school only to look at those girls, would masturbate think
>>/pol/306940 >>306928 mayavaad, literally evil
>>/pol/306939 >>306810 vidur was not a shudra
>>/b/381333 >>380806 >Fat You are already a burden you should've killed yourself instead