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>>/pol/203718 >>203717 K man, I meant the skin
>>/pol/203717 >>203716 chinlet brahcuck
>>/pol/203715 >>203687 What physical-cultural divide though? All are hindu. All have body odour and smell bad. Just speak different languages
>>/b/251116 >>251113 he's still here but i always thought he was an indian on a vpn
>>/pol/203714 >>203702 There is also an Aryan tourism theory. But it's pretty weak..
>>/b/251115 >>251113 Maybe roped himself due to your le ebin bullying
>>/b/251114 >>251111 Internal frustration from miserable life gotta vent somewhere. Can't brawl against tough people so take advantages on
>>/b/251113 What happened to that Ukrainian faggot, does he hang around here anymore? I used to enjoy bullying him by calling him a whitoid.
>>/pol/203713 >>203712 get involved locally find something within your neighborhood or small town that needs to be addressed. it could even
>>/b/251112 >>251018 Give her username
>>/b/251111 >>251039 This Bait but why? Good god that sounds horrible. Burning to death is just so cruel