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>>/pol/159802 >>159799 truth. people love consuming entertainment even if it insults them
>>/pol/159801 >>159799 That's exactly what a culture war means, dear fellow. All media cancer exists ultimately because there's a market for
>>/b/197557 >>197550 Looks like that law was made in response to increase in rapes not the other way around as you're implying.
>>/pol/159800 >>159676 > Majority of jats are Hindu and even The Convert ones are usually More Simalar to other jats than Chuslims Here yo
>>/yoga/1212 post your results and your favorite lift >pic related >OHP
>>/pol/159799 >>159798 People's fault for watching it.
>>/pol/159798 >>159563 There is still a long way to go. Until mullawood itself has been burnt to the ground, there's no point in any triumpha
>>/pol/159797 >>159794 Military dictatorship is the only solution, if these fuckers don't listen just mow them down.
>>/pol/159796 >>159467 GIGA CHAD
>>/pol/159795 all the chintu chuds itt talking about woman as if they can understand a girl's life smh
>>/pol/159794 >>159652 > bill Nothing short of a true imperial government or 1 party dictatorship can "govern" the land of Bharat as it ex
>>/b/197556 >>197552 If both were drunk then how could only the female not consent???