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>>/pol/22001 >>21965 What is stopping two consenting adults from making an economic transaction through the use of a hard currency in that i
>>/pol/22000 >>21999 Hindu males converting to islam so they can have more than one wife.
>>/pol/21999 >>21990 Why would anyone even convert to muslim? Is it like some Muslim males converting hindu females in the name of love or s
>>/b/40725 >>40700 even muslims and christians became a fan of his movie he made a movie essentially for indian audiences as it is india
>>/pol/21998 >>21990 not more than muslim to christianity rate kek
>>/pol/21997 >>21991 It’s UC who seethe on LC these days tho
>>/b/40724 >>40653 >>40686 What's their selling point and side effects?
>>/b/40723 >>40702 who who
>>/b/40722 >>40700 > >またテルグ語勉強会を開催できないかと考えています。直『バーフバリ』が公開される以前、研究上の付き合いを別にすれば、テルグ文化の四方山話で盛り上がれる話相手は夫くらい
>>/b/40721 >>40451 Exactly. Rape is a complete natural part of human sexuality and behavior. Every culture did it without any shame. Chris
>>/b/40720 >>40704 Is that article saying Telugus are more hindu than North Indians?
>>/b/40719 >>40712 >it is simply continuing the tropes of a typical Telugu film which usually is geared towards the hinterland rather than