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>>/b/324711 >>324593 Saiman Shows feels like Indian Eric Andre show overall okay channel
>>/pol/265716 >>265710 > Resorts to caste shitflinging Hallmarks of a poorly developed brain
>>/b/324710 >>324708 >t.newfag twatter brahcuck UCuck percentage of population saw a increase after tradbhangi invasion
>>/pol/265715 >>265714 IQ
>>/pol/265714 Low level fags
>>/pol/265713 >>265712 *Glaring
>>/pol/265712 >>265706 > Individualism doesn't exist Although your post is retarded on multiple fronts, I saw a galeing issue in your logic
>>/b/324709 >>324708 >Indiachan was good before the lower castes showed up
>>/pol/265711 >>265704 You mean giving rational argument while you cope like a sepoy?
>>/b/324708 >>324686 this sums it up. Indiachan was good before the lower castes showed up
>>/b/324707 >>324691 Don't blame your failiure on imageboards. Accept responsibility for being a piece of shit.
>>/b/324706 >>324591 Atleast I expect some level of fitness him, not a fat tond