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This thread will be for series of Konbini confessions in Japan by Miyachi San
Mujhe isekai jaana hai yaaro ☹️☹️
>shits all over ashitta no cope
Any good James bond type animes where the MCs aren't a bunch of teenagers?
Indiachan anime stream general #3
hello my friends this is a general thread for indiachan anime stream ###_FRIDAY & SATURDAY @9:30 PM IST_### >what is this? official indiachan anime stream >why would i want to join? it is fun previous threade: >>9681 the real anime stream is the friends we made all along -- nardo <3
where do you watch anime yaaro i used to watch em on but that site isnt working very well now.
What are you watching to distract yourself from our society collapsing?
I've been looking for this anime I watched as a kid. I cant remember its name at all. I can't even remember it's episodes. I remember in the first opening theres a guy walking on a road with headphones. The theme is cyber-ish. And in one episode a character(maybe blond girl) is waking up from a dream in a mildly lit room repeatedly. The room has a window like those church painted translucent windows. She is waking up again and again from a dream in a dream. Idk how to explain but I think the anime was revolved around teenagers. Please help
What are some good anime to watch with your sister?
Is this a good anime?
9anime ki ma chud gayi ha bhaiyon.
how to buy fumo plushies in India
?? kino coming on dec 1st yaaron
Can anyone tell me if they remember a Hindi song with the music from this- I feel like the chorus's beat was in a famous bolly song.
Bhaiyon, Bharat mein bhaade pe premika kyu nahi milti? So this is the future if anigay huh...
Why is this mangay so popular among redditors?
The absolute state No wonder japs are such white cock suckers and NTR is the most popular genre there.
Anime with corona virus innit?
Was ryosuke takahashi indian?
Finished rereasing this show a month ago, and I still feel like this is quite literally the greatest manga ever, when will we get another manga which is as good as this?
yaar iss anime se behetar mujhe aaj tak kuch nahi mila. itna accha anime vapas kyu nahi bana?
This is lowkey the greatest manga ever written
Anime MANime?
I don't think a more soulful Anime exists. DB(Z) is the epitome of manliness, action and SoVL. The music in early episodes, the sky, the characters.
>"wow he is literally me"
Anime meme? OMG ANIME MEM3S?
What went wrong with japanese culture?
Why don't those Nips make them like they used to? AshitaNoJoe does not even feel like a dirty japanese comic, it feels like a sober novel written with heart and real life. Something like what hayao miyazaki said.
Ashita No Joe dekhne se Life ka truth pata chal gaya yaro
Can't even able to login. It says Google is unable to recognise you even though I have entered the right email id and passed. When I try to recover my account it tries to send a OTP to the same account which I have currently not logged in. Help???
Yaar das sal ke baad bhi ase acha romance anime meh nahi dekha
Manga recommendation
Is there nothing else like oyasumi punpun? Asano's previous work was somewhat with same vibes, but this was on different level. Aku no hana and Onani master kurosawa were some which I found with same dark vibes. If I were to include action/fantasy then berserk, vagabond, vinland, would be some but I'm looking for slice of life seinen.
When will India completely outlaw anime/otaku media, and punish deviants who consoom or distribute it, because it flies in the face of sanskari values and is subverting our Hindu culture?
Bought this yesterday.... Very happy 😁
Burning kabaddi
Wasn't expecting much but this is pretty good, not bad at all
Life ka truth
Naruto dekhne se life ka truth pata chal jayega kya yaaro?
Recommend some innocent love anime for NNN my dear friends. Also stay strong, it's just 30 days!!!
If your waifu were real, would you have caught her fancy? Or do you not have any redeeming qualities at all
Tfw no gf to motivate me during my jee prep
seasonal animu
what are you watching? what are your thoughts so far
why is genshin impact so big yaar
Suggest some bro-sis love relationship anime series yaaro
Funny animes
Are there any other funny animes like grand blue and prison school?
Ijiranaide, Nagatoro-san
Based or cringe?, I found it fun tbh.
Movie recommendation
i've only watched 3-4 animes yaaron. can you suggest any anime movie with a similar feel and fantasy type setting like spirited away?
What manga source or extension should I select in Tachiyomi? Also what manga should I read as an absolute beginner. Pic related.
First anime to watch?
Suggest yaar
Why is this anime so popular with the normalfag pajeet crowd?
Rant about taste of lundians in anime
Madarachod jo dekho mainstream trash ko shill karta rehta hai dennou coil brigadoon ka naam suna hi nahi hoga kabhi kisine ne idhar
Name a better movie. I'll wait
i miss ichanstream
i couldn't join last week will ichan stream today?
Fall 2021
Let's revive this board. What will you be watching this season ? I'll start - Mushoku Tensei Blue Period Komi-san 86 and Demon slayer
jojo newfag
newfag here i read jojo till part 4 cuz i wanted to save time, yeah ik that the art of the manga is pretty shit but idc. ive heard that pt 5 anime is very good so my question is if i should continue with the manga or watch it?
Does anyone know any good anime/jap games? Would prefer if they're not visual novels (but if you know of any good vns, drop em).
Why did Gendo press Rei's boob in the end of Evangelion?
How future Trunks his life should have been
This scene made me emotional 🥺🥺
Horimiya Op Full 「Iro Kousui - Yoh Kamiyama」
Post your waifu
Anime stream tonight bois!!
I will be streaming the first 2 episodes of New Game! tonight at 10pm. You can watch the stream at You can also plug in the RTMP link in your favorite video player to watch using that - rtmp:// (Note that the audience counter on the website only shows RTMP viewers)
VN Thread
Any VN you are playing right now? Right now I am playing Everlasting Summer which is made by Russiajins and art looks kind of Gaijin Doujin tier. I would love to get into Japanese VNs but I am a filthy phone poster and I know no site that gives free APKs of popular doujins.
former weeb
So over a decade ago, i was in 6th grade 12 year old faggot who loved watching anime on animax all. and this habit turned me into a filthy shizo weeb who thought watching these filthy cartoons will make me learn Japanese. And get a chance to live a lavish life over there. I did some of the most pain inducing cringy filth at that time. I dont watch anime anymore been 3 years since i watched one. I hope that connects me with this shitty board.
Finished rewatching this show a month ago, and I still feel like this is quite literally the greatest anime ever, when will we get another anime which is as good as this?
Anime glare is shutting down yaar :(
Where are the JoJo CHADS? Season 6 coming out in December.
Indiachan stream #2
hello my friends
this is a general thread for (un)official indiachan anime stream
How come this sub-standard monster hunting manga with an even shittier anime adaptation managed to get adapted into a game?
Am I the only one who thought this was shit? Felt like Anno had given up on the franchise a long time ago
It's not too late to leave your hikikimori ways anon
greatest anime of all time
only try hard contrarians will say otherwise
Anime recommendations #2741
What are some anime deemed as art? I watch the seasonal anime and feel as if I've wasted my time. I consider Death Note as something worthwhile as its dead serious(mostly). Someone had recommended Berserk, stating that its art but, I found it mediocre(Manga was 100x better).
How does this show manage to attract so many pedophiles? >inb4 filename I'm not gonna rename it just because you have mental issues.
How Do Indian Get Job in Japan? We asked Indian who lives over 20 years in Japan!!
yasht jana idiro kal nan makla
According to you
What's the greatest opinion of all time
>Legend of the Galactic Mary sues
why is this overrated show so fucking popular?
Iska naam kyahe yaaro?
Weekly Shonen Jump 1992 No. 27 Hop ☆ Step Award Entry Page Illustration Released on June 9, 1992. Toriyama was a judge for the Hop ☆ Step Award, a project run by Weekly Shonen Jump to try and find the next big manga artist. Using Goku as an example, Toriyama explains the importance of using hair styles and clothing to help your characters stand out! Just a quick glance at the illustrations on the left and right is enough to know that the difference is clear. Goku's design is simply unforgettable!
Show me a better artwork of Shri Krishna than this.

PS : You Can't.
hum bhartiya baccho ka 'ching-chong' cartoon dekhna kaise band kara sakte hai?
Lain > all franchises combined
Koi aisa anime batao jisko dekh ke rona aaye
Why nipoids love their shotashit so much? Many a good hentai ruined by just inserting shotashit.
yaar i'm feeling like shit pls recommend me a good anime [prefer comedy ones] pic not related
indian anime forum its back up! nihal mittal has proved he is better than srijan once again
Rank these three game series
>Ace Attorney >DanganRonpa >Your turn to die Which is the best, and why?
Just finished chainsaw man and the last couple dozen chapters really fell off the mark. The middle part was the best with the eyepatch girl dying and the dude dining a cigarette in that spider thing. Last few chapters just had CM running around like a retard and that's it, no plot no lore nothing. Still 8/10 but damn the author needs to write better instead of throwing random fights, shit has great potential
why tf is this anime so popular ? it has no plot , no progression in the story line & has bland characters. did people watch 2 seasons just to stare at shidare hotaru ? i mean the character looks fine but, nothing about it is so appealing that one would continue to come back for more. what a waste of time this was ...yare yare
CATAIN AJIT VADAKAYIL'S thoughts on naruto >Naruto is for the thinking type teens . Instead of witches and wands there are Ninjas and Shinobis >It has a expansive cast of characters that grow and change over time. Both heroes and villains have their limitations and signature moves. Their battles and powers are creative >There are no slow spots with unpredictable twists and turns and finger chewing suspense. Side stories are well woven to the main plot of ninja Naruto’s quest for honour
Why you guys only talk about japaneese cartoons. Talk about indian ones too like shinchan and Doraemon. Make in india 🇳🇪🇳🇪
>mai ichan se pyar karta hoon
Based yaar
Who is this girl?
Recommend some old school generic psychological thriller manga/anime like Kaiji, Akagi, Liar Gane, One Outs, etc.
What's your fav anime movie?
Mine 5 cm per sec. The whole long distance relationship was good and the ending summarised the plot perfectly. The only problem was the characters were kids. This made me cringe for a while. why do Japanis people do this. Fucking up a good mature plot by including kid characters.
So what happened to that Moegataku faggot? His jewtoob channel is nowhere to be found.
>MAHABHARATA is like an anime bro
How come this tranny is a celebrated villain among normies. Nothing about him is badass