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Thoughts on lolis?

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How hyped are you?

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Why haven't you read Angel densetsu?

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Would you /a/?

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What's your excuse for not watching the AOTY

Didn't expect it to be this good

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Sword Art Online

Who is hype for Kino Art Online all year?

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Vegeta can beat broly

Absolutely BTFO

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Killing a Weeb should be legal in India

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Natura is best

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Does anybody knows the fuck happens in Serial Experiments Lain?

seriously wtf???

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Why is sports such a mediocre genre in anime? It's weird coz tournament trope is so hugely popular among shonen Japanese fans but at the same time a popular anime based on pure sports is hard to find.

The only well received sports anime are Ashita no joe, Slam dunk, Initial D, captain tsubasa and Inazuma Eleven (is that even sports?) and if you have watched these anime then you will realize that these not ONLY about sports but sports is just an aspect of them.

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Fall 2018

What are you watching this season?

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If you haven't read this manga or seen the related OVA episodes, then you are still a smol boi.

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This character

is xhe supposed to be a guy or a girl or someone in between or someone from another realm?

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Saw the new trailer?


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im from /pol/ and just wanted to express disgust over you weebs.

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Recommend kwality hentai videos

^what the title says

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Pajeets will save mecha, screenshot this post

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I wanna sniff Bratass

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Should I apologize?

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Cardcaptor Sakura

Is there a comfier, or better anime than this show? I think not.

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>tfw poor and lonely
Is there an anime/manga for this kind of feel?

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You fags should stop trying do hard pretending to be anime connoisseurs. Nobody cares about your taste in Japanese cartoons. And yes all the manga you've made to be must read 'gem' are all shit.

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Since we have a narutard here, I like bleach and fairy tail. Do not bother I won't reply

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Colour manga page/ART and post it in this thread. I can't access it for some reason but i am trying my best. And this gohan pic isn't mine it's from /a/.

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Post picture and name of your first anime.


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>there are actual unironic manime faggots and edge faggots in this board

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What trauma draws people towards anime?

Molestation? Rape?

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>tfw Naruto surpassed his father

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Suggest me an romance anime with an ending like pic related

Like emotionally sad and the main couple dies in the end

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Suggest me an anime with an ending like pic related

Like emotionally sad and hero doesn't live happily ever after.

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Tonikaku Cawai

Anybody here reading this? Its kind of a romcom manga without any drama or blue balling.

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Is Japan pedo?


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I was talking to one of my white friends and he sent me 3 videos with the name only labeled "Boku".

What's this shit?

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Why haven't you read Komi san?

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Which device u guys use to watch anime?

PC or Phone or other

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Anime is a tool by joos to subvert human relationships
Keep your kids out of anime

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Hey /a/ghoris which mangas are you reading right now?

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Rant thread

Bhanchod there is one too many isekai shit on this planet? I opened mangadex and my frontpage is littered with all those generic isekai trash. In every fucking manga, there is this fucking overpowered af protagonist who is either accidentally teleported to some other fucking world or dies and reincarnate into that world with skills which are beyond-god-fucking level among the living creatures of that realm and then he/she decides to form a fucking party with ragtag bunch of misfits and chewtiyas and designs their fucking weapons and accessories too and they together go on for that same adventure which every other MC from every other manga and anime embark upon. If it isn't some adventure, then they would be busy fighting some demon king and his cohorts for 100-200 chapters and forming alliance every fucking species on that realm and engaging in boring-ass harem.
I read Kenja no Mago last month and holy crap!! Itna high level tatti kaise likh lia iss mangaka ne? The mc's personality is literally recycled from other mangas and his waifu is just another dead weight to his party with zero skills.
Every season/year, there is at least two or three isekai anime that is being released with zero originality in terms of world building. If it isn't some isekai poop, then there would be the VRMMO trash (all thanks to SAO) to give weebs a hard weiner or the pop idol, moe waifu shit like Zombieland Saga
I guess its the escapism part which appeals to a lot of weebs because none of them are ever gonna achieve that kind of adventure or fantasy in this life or any other life in this universe.
This season, Seishun Buta Yarou, Irozuku and Goblin Slayer are the only animes worth watching. That Tensei Slime anime is another one of those isekai trash and the plot development is almost similar to KnM.

Where are the good animes bc? Because of the trashy nature of these degenerate weebs, otakus and daikimukara rubbing faggots, studios aren't touching good mangas like Ikigami, Biomega, Kings Viking and hundreds of other gems simply because there is no money in it.
Fuck these weebs man, fuck these slant eyed niggers.

PS- in before you say switch to manhwa, Koreans have already buried their head deep inside vrmmo rectum. Fwiw, Chinese are doing a lot better.

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High hopes and noble endeavors....
Will shine with all the twinkling stars.....
We hold you next to us.....
The galaxy, so glorious......
We'll build with all of our dreams.....
A new world that bravely gleams......
Char is fighting for our prayers!
Char is fighting for our prayers!

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Can anime save the world?

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Hello /a/, this is my wife. Say something nice about her.

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Is Higurashi worth watching?


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Dr. Slump is the best gag manga

Prove me wrong

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Watch How to summon a demon Lord you plebs. It's a good ecchi.

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Iz hentai allowed ?

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Read light novels instead of manhas retards.

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Why haven't you read Metamorphosis?

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daily reminder

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Why haven't you killed yourself you pathetic degenerate pedophile?

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My taste in Japanese Cartoons>>>Your taste in Japanese Cartoons
Prove me wrong
Protip:You can't

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Should i watch innuyasha
Has anyone here watched innuyasha

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amada a cute


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Moe menance

What is the recent anime you watched that does not involve some highschool girls and moe shits?

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Watching a series together

Alright everyone in order to increase discussion in this board, let's watch a series together which none of us Gant watched. We will decide no of episodes later. But first let's decide the series.

I am currently watching soul eater, and planning to watch Steins Gate 0. What are you guys planning to watch?

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Japan isnt pedo, but anyone reading manga/watching anime sure is.
An example in "One punch man" manga. The character Tatsumaki is way older above 22 but is shown to have the body of a pre-pubescent child. In-fact, if you read the manga (Not that you should read mangas) you will find explicit pictures of a child aka Tatsumaki in a skimpy bikini. Why?

So weebs reading the glorified comics get sexually attracted to kids by subtle mental hints. Japan is playing the long game to take over the world by degeneration of culture. Their target is europe and America, but alas some gora dick suckers from India ape everything that euro cucks and burgers do, so they have started to take to anime as well.


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Will weebs be allowed in akhand Bharat?