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VN Thread
Any VN you are playing right now? Right now I am playing Everlasting Summer which is made by Russiajins and art looks kind of Gaijin Doujin tier. I would love to get into Japanese VNs but I am a filthy phone poster and I know no site that gives free APKs of popular doujins.
Anime recommendations #2741
What are some anime deemed as art? I watch the seasonal anime and feel as if I've wasted my time. I consider Death Note as something worthwhile as its dead serious(mostly). Someone had recommended Berserk, stating that its art but, I found it mediocre(Manga was 100x better).
How can Western 'literature' even compete?
Indiachan stream #2
hello my friends
this is a general thread for (un)official indiachan anime stream
recommend me any anime with a politically left leaning message
watched one episode of Aho Girl
what in the actual fuck japan is fucking weird maybe the americans got it right back in ww2
Koi aisa anime batao jisko dekh ke rona aaye
Chusingura 46+1 S
Chusingura 46+1 S, anyone ever played this ? i dont play games at all, this is my first visual novel game after i quit doki doki lit. thoughts anons !
Waba laba dub dub
Akb48 is anime. I love 2008 akb. Wish girls stop white washing their face.
Whose backstory is more tragic? Levi, eren or zeke?
hitori no shita
i watched the first 2 seasons of the anime & after that i am unable to find anything new on it. S3 was supposed to air but i cant find it , i fear it would be in chinese without sub. any anons who are up to date on this anime ? i watched this anime a long time ago & after finishing hozuki no Reitetsu ( watching rn) i want to go back to this anime
Losing interest in weebshit
Been almost 2 years since I last watched or read anything and nothing new looks appealing either. Any other anon know this feel?
Girl Alone
based game to cope with loneliness. thank me later.
>Search for snk hentai >50% of frontpage is Levi/Eren What did they mean by this?
it's been too long. Joechads rise up
Art time
Girl Alone
based game to cope with loneliness. thank me later.
what are some inch approved animes
>Japon likes SNK end >Japon has no existential threat >Westfags all hate SNK end >Westfags are all getting replaced Was the real story the self insertion we did along the way? I imagine Lundians would hate it mostly too, we face existential threats from within and without. Le 80% end with armog magicking away the desire of the survivors to murder rape every Eldian is something only a person who knows his country will survive into the next century without major demog changes can write. Its the kind of wishful thinking people in actual multi culti states know is impossible.
Which is the best anime and why is it Gintama?
>Look up anime searches on trends >NE leads them all Is NE secretly a weeb paradise or something? Considering their pop, an insane percentage has to be weebs for them to cuck high pop states out of top ranks.
India me aise cosplay wali randi kyu nahi hai
Did saekano/oregairu effectively end romcom school harems?
They're the last popular old school harems I can think of, every harem popular since then has been isekai. Quality wise both were definitely a cut above the earlier ones. Do they represent a ceiling for similar romcoms?
Would Tenka share with onee san?
How come this sub-standard monster hunting manga with an even shittier anime adaptation managed to get adapted into a game?
The Captain Levi Ackermann of cricket
Honda Yamaha Shitzuki Kawasaki yeh Honda Yamaha Shitzuki Kawasaki yeh bike-a bike-a bike-a bike-a yeh Yamaha is the best
Why do normies like this? What's so good about it? It feels like complete trash to me.
Watched this. Anymore anime like this?
If you look at her waist her tag shows she was an attendant at a comic con in 2017. Sexy babe flashing uppermost region of thighs in 2B costume. Why Indian girls aren't doing such flashy costumes at comic cons? Even in liberandu cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore all the comic cons of the past had ugly girls in dogshit costumes with no revealing sexyness
discussion on japanese language
any anons preparing for JLPT(japanese language proficiency test) N5 July attempt ?

i havent even started & now its bothering me. i have failed 1 attempt & i did not give the other cuz dates clashed with my uni exams.
>Hentai mc mogs every mc across raighto noberu industry
Gundam Thread
What was the first one you watched? What's your favourite? The first one I watched was Gundam 00 and also my favourite.
Maine abhi just ultraman 2019 ka मैराथन समाप्त किया . Mere se kuchh bhi poochho
my wife said she does not like you guys. so, i wont be spending time with you guys anymore.
Would Fast and Furious actually be loved by a lot more people if it was an anime? I mean, it's already an equivalent of live action shounen anime.
>tfw no sanghi anime gf
Main TATAKAW karna chahta hoon.
Mujhe support kar do pyaare Anons
achhi hentai ka link dedo!!!
How much does your taste in anigay align with japniggers taste in it?
By popularity
By rating
>Rank 4
Dare I say...based?
Modern anime
I dont understand why people like today's anime. Its literal escapism to an almost sorry form. It dosent even try to hide it. The isekai stuff again is a kind of jab at the modern anime watchers who are just looking for an excuse to not commit sudoku. Don't you guys feel you're intelligent is being insulted. And what's with fucking plebbitors hiding thier degeneracy with irony. They stay stuff like *hentai is art lulz*. Fuck off virgin.
>Legend of the Galactic Mary sues
why is this overrated show so fucking popular?
Is this the best romance manga?!
I have read fairly good number of rom manga and most of them are shit and same. Dome×kano got me hooked. Anyone got anything better than this one?
No Fap thread
Post anime related music, dialogues, characters, etc
Anything that gives you the strength to not coom.
Post aesthetic animu wallpapers. (16x9)
After all the faggotry with the new boards, /a/ continues to be the best board on this shithole chan and makes newfags seethe.
SnK Ending
People are annoyed but I think this a big prank. The leaked chapter didn't mention many major plot points(mikasa scarf relating to her demise something which was signaled even in 138,EH convo, hallucinogen etc) and many plot points are stupid(Eren kills his mother, Reiner character completly weird etc). My guess is, this is a fake chapter done by the Isayama's personaly, not leaking anything was an impossibility so they collaborated to have a fake chapter to leak
how many of you are in animebytes, tough to find ab people here, drop your usernames if youre comfortable or we can always chat in their irc
>Ooh anon you're awake
>I messed up and used too much rophynol so I was a bit worried
>Well I already ravaged you all night but you still up for a bit more

Wat do?
Whose ideology is more cruel? Eren's or Zeke's? Is it better to commit genocide through sterilisation or through killing?
>Inb4 stop watching cartoons
Why is animation outside Japan declining?
Just looked at the chara models for the sequels to ben 10 they made and wtf is this shit. Latest design looks so utterly shit, its like its intentional. Kid-Adolescent the art changed but it remained nice. Gwen got a lot hotter, god Gwen got so hot. Animators and artists who came up with latest design should be beheaded isis style inshallah.
Motivational Manga Pictures/Wallpapers
Any other based motivational manga pictures like this?
Change my mind...
Death note became boring after episode 26.
Anime wallpapers thread
Subtle anime wallpapers yaar
This is THE shounen for me. It's a fun read from the start to the end, no sloughs here. Go read it and let us discuss!
Profile pics
Can /a/ recommended some profile pics that won't reveal my power level. Hentai and ecchi pics would be highly appreciated.
>Son dies
>Mom says she wants to forget him
>This is the neurotypical response

I thought 4chan was memeing but are e asians genuinely soulless? This is kenya/somalia tier sentimentality about the life of your own offspring, is this is genuinely what normal everyday nip mothers say once their son dies?
Based yaar
>portraying Lord Shiva as a anime boy
kek what could go wrong
According to you
What's the greatest opinion of all time
Hello niggers Jojo part 6 is coming
Lets goooo!!!
Show me a better artwork of Shri Krishna than this.

PS : You Can't.
Record of Ragnarok
Starring lord shiva at (look at 1:15)
How did they manage to fuck it up this bad
Is he gay?
Why didn't he spend his free time having sex and breeding as many women as possible with his superior seed? For Mikasa it is understandable because it would be a big loss for survey corps to have a soldier like her be on the sidelines for atleast 9 months but Levi has no such excuse. For an anime that gets praised so much for being well written, this is a big question mark. And nobody has ever suggested Levi to have babies even after knowing his baby could easily be the next "humanity's strongest soldier" because of his Ackerman lineage. Plus the fact that there's only two known Ackermans left makes it even more stupid to never talk about this issue. I hope this pays off in one of the later episodes where they reveal that Levi is gay and everyone but the audience knew that otherwise this whole thing is a big hole in isayama's plot
Main Mikasa ko chod chod kar uska murder kardena chahta hoon yaaron
>interrupting great episode of a great anime because of a 4.6 Richter scale earthquake
why do japs do this?
> shinji i am not sorry that I have neglected you all of my life to reincarnate my dead wife because of my screw up
> Get in the robot
> No fuck you
> Get in the robot shinji
> ok
> Hello I am orange haired narcisistic bitch
> Hello I am your mother's clone with blue hair
> repeat for 20 eps
> Shinji now gay
> Gay guy dies or something
> Beeeg robot fight
> World turns into orange juice
> have sex with mom or something
> beeeg mommy dead
> robot in orbit
> strangle orange haired bitch
> the end
Coin time
Camie thread - My Hero Academia
Difference between 3 Chink subspecies
Why is nip media so much more mature than gook or chink? Was reading a chink knockoff of oreimo right now and it does the wish fulfillment parts well, chink kirino is actually likable for example but the MC is such a manlet rage faggot. He literally never tries to calm down situations and of course despite being an average wagecuck he can beat up multiple gang members because he fought in school(Lmao). In one scene, his sister is watching his porn and he wants to beat up the porn star for some reason, though he realizes it wouldn't actually fix anything. Gooks otoh are absolutely fixated on le revenge, all their mcs are wronged in the past so they become chads to fix that. Lookism for example. Even their NTR porn MCs get detailed backstories about how their mothers were the city bus so they turned up the way they are. And neither ever has ugly characters. On the topic of NTR, nothing beats the fat old man trope. But for gooks even NTR protags have to be 20 something bodybuilders with kpop faces.

Nips have their own issues but Korean or Chinese media is basically India tier. Even if I understand China because of censor BS why the fuck do the richfags in Korea not have better taste? Their people love nip media despite hating nips so its obvious the market is there, why are gook authors so shit that they can't take it?
Bleach new season release date
Any idea when the new season of Bleach will be released?

It is supposed to be released this year , but any idea about an exact date/month?
Hi, so I decided to watch some mind blowing epic anime. Next thing I did was to type "mind blowing anime reddit" in the search bar. After mining several reddit links these were the names which were most frequented:
1. serial experiments lain
2. shinsekai yori
3. monster
4. neon genesis evangelion
5. ergo proxy
6. texhnolyze
7. paranoia agent
Which one among these should I go for? Recommend something else if you think these are not epic enough
In a recent video garnt from gigguk said he likes x-ray hentai.
Are all weebs fucking degenerates
Doraemon ki steel troops wali film kafi emotional hai

i cri
How old are you guys?
Sentence Mining
What system do you use to sentence mine from anime? Is there a way to sentence mine from local files?
Mujhe takagi-san jaisi female friend chahiye yaaro...
i'm watching my roomate is a cat
take that as you will
greatest anime of all time
only try hard contrarians will say otherwise
I'm halfway through this obscure Isekai I found on mangakalot and there's some rando facebook stacy commenting about women not having enough clothing and fanservice. What the fuck?
What did the ESL translator mean by this?
I'm in Bangalore, where do i meet weebs without using soycial media? Any events,cosplays etc you know of?
Hataraku hype

ITT we ignore the end because its dumb and never going to get animated so lets discuss the times the series wasn't shit. Bets on Alas Ramus showing up in S2? This'll likely be last season we get, I want her to show up already.

Also cowtits is for gangbang, Emilia is for consensual rape and Suzuno is for gentle babymaking sex.
have any of you anons tried doki doki lt club ? you see it a lot on twitch too.
Is there any anime where the mc is misogynistic and politically incorrect? Cherry on top, if he hates muslims, niggers, jews and cumskins
UwU OwO Rawr xd
Just finished watching this shit show, mc goes through everything that I do not want to happen to me, recommend something like this.

For the fags who can't read the filename it's clannad
Is it possible to set anime caller tune? I have airtel and jio sim but walling to port.
What anime was that?
Anime where the protag was a uber rich spoiled manlet, dressed up in a suit, who used to ride on tortoises. Aired on TV, hungama perhaps.
Bhai kaha par aise fancy dress competition hote hai? Mujhe bhi fancy dress competition pe jana hai, bhai bata do koi, please bhai.
fucking peter ratri lmao
what a man child
How do Fagshita No Hoe fanboys cope after realizing that their retarded show will never have a theme song as epic as this?
pacific rim: the black looks promising
Yamete Kudasai Oniichaan
Based dumeelnigger singing animu songs
Bhai konsi site pe padhte ho aisi comic tum log? mujhe bookstore pe nahi milti, bhai bata do koi, please bhai.