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02/14/2020 (Fri) 13:32:3070394View ThreadMod
anonbc216d02/14/2020 (Fri) 13:43:3170397Mod
Bable dikha randi

anon46489f02/14/2020 (Fri) 13:54:3970399Mod
it's better to attract a wide range of men than no men at all
typical whores focusing on negative side of things only

anon2043a002/14/2020 (Fri) 14:17:5170407Mod
women are nothing but baby making machine

02/09/2020 (Sun) 15:50:3569809View ThreadMod
What do indians think of China?

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anone5b13702/12/2020 (Wed) 13:22:2570142Mod
That's only the south though. But on the other hand, the north has more commies

anonf0c2cf02/13/2020 (Thu) 14:07:5270238Mod
nope chinks are godless
even some rich white guy from ages ago wrote a book about how soulless chinks are
he praised India and other Asian places but said chinks are irredeemable
and this was before communism lmao

anon25823202/13/2020 (Thu) 19:39:0170269Mod
Japan invaded them and asked the same thing

anoncace5502/13/2020 (Thu) 21:13:3370274Mod
Chinks have as many gods as hindus
And a praise of asia is just a praise of the glorious indochina. There is nothing else here. Japan, korea, SE asia are cultural slums and whatever good they have comes from indochina.

anonf0c2cf02/14/2020 (Fri) 13:55:0270400Mod
need to lick pussy and get corona oh yeah baby WOOO

02/14/2020 (Fri) 09:38:3070319View ThreadMod
>Tell Muzzrat classmate he'll have to go back when he was blabbering too much about Modi
>He chimps out but ineffectually because I height mog him and he doesn't risk fighting
>Becomes laughing stock

Bullying people is fun. I know who he's going to stab first if he goes on an allahusnackbar rampage though.

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anona29fdd02/14/2020 (Fri) 11:42:5670379Mod
That's why their fighting style is always like a pack. Bhangis never pick fights with equal numbers, I saw this in school. They always outnumber and attack from all sides, its actually quiet impressive when you're on the receiving end.

anon55903d02/14/2020 (Fri) 12:05:2170380Mod
Basedi. Shit wherever you want friend. Don't pay heed to goatfuckers

anon4710ac02/14/2020 (Fri) 13:26:5170390Mod
lmao thank fuck I never went to these bookfairs
and ultra based on the point you proved in your head, fuckers can't help but chimp out

anon4710ac02/14/2020 (Fri) 13:28:4570391Mod
Bhangladeshi illegals ka beta hoga isliye Modi ke baare me blabber kar raha hai.

anon22cece02/14/2020 (Fri) 13:45:5170398Mod
I got cornered that way once. Fortunately I have no qualms about kicking people in the dick. I got my shit pushed in, I did, but they didn't fuck with me after lmao

02/14/2020 (Fri) 06:27:4770310View ThreadMod
Sexy babe ready for threesome on the beach...

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anonce2c4e02/14/2020 (Fri) 10:18:5370351Mod

anonf5222902/14/2020 (Fri) 10:51:1670363Mod
imagine what everyone around them was thinking
I bet lots of men would fap to this sight later

anon1ff88302/14/2020 (Fri) 11:01:4370366Mod
Why are cop ladies so fucking hot? Put a 5/10 in a uniform and she becomes install 9/10

anon1ff88302/14/2020 (Fri) 11:29:4270373Mod
Vaginal Discharge

anonf5222902/14/2020 (Fri) 13:30:2570392Mod
Same way women find men in uniforms of authority hot

02/14/2020 (Fri) 12:06:0170381View ThreadMod
Happy getting newer by card companies dayanonf953da
02/14/2020 (Fri) 06:40:0470313View ThreadMod
Plans for today?
anonea456802/14/2020 (Fri) 06:46:2270314Mod
Jerk off like every other day. I love jerking off. I live to jerk off.

AAAAAAA COOOOOMINGGGGGanonf953da02/14/2020 (Fri) 11:03:5570367Mod
the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming, my dick is throbbing, what a beautiful day for cooming. good morning aleks links! been awake for 20 whole seconds and i havent COOMED yet. its time to hop onto my porn throne and machine gun jack hammer my death grip blood shot semi chub with my roided doomfist once again. furiously slamming keyboard gasp is-is that a...a female girl? groans i must sniff. sniff NNGHH AUUGHHH MMM HNGGHOHGODDD AAAAAAAAAA fap fap fap fap URGHHHHH AGHHH OOHFUCK OOOHNGGGUHH SHNNHHHSHNNHSSHHNN AUGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH MRNGGGHHHH MFRNNNFMRNFNRMFNRN AUGHRHHHHHHG bang bang bang bang bang bang bang AUUGUUHGHHH bang bang BANG BANG BANG BANG...I'M....C-COOMING!!!!! HUHHAHHHUUUHHAAAHUUUHHHAHHUH burp IM burp IM COOMING burp IM COOMING (cooom) im....COOMING IMCOOMINGGGGG AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH OOHHH FUCKKK AUGHHHH...COOMING AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGHHHH HRAAAH MAUGHHHHHH AOOOHAAGHHOUUGH OH FUCK ITS EVERYWHERE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA OOOOOOOOOOO HRAAAAAAUGH COUGH COUGH oh fuck houughh hooh fuck oh jesus oh shitohfuck...fuck...oh fuck...o h h h...groan. There you are...my slippery white gift to the world...my son..my son! ooh fuckk....... Well, time to get some breakfast. actually a little coom first won't hurt!

anon7aab3202/14/2020 (Fri) 11:42:5470378Mod

02/14/2020 (Fri) 09:48:5970321View ThreadMod
Is this guy (centre) Chad by Indian standards? His girlfriend is the prettiest girl in my class. How did he do it?

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anona9022302/14/2020 (Fri) 10:20:2570355Mod
Fuck off op stop larping

anon84016d02/14/2020 (Fri) 10:25:2370356Mod
Post a proper photo from the front and preferably HD and with no filters. With that low resolution and from that angle its very easy too fool people.

anon84016d02/14/2020 (Fri) 10:26:1770357Mod

anon3f3e6802/14/2020 (Fri) 10:38:5370358Mod
she's a 2/10

anon16217502/14/2020 (Fri) 11:39:0570376Mod
show pic

02/14/2020 (Fri) 03:35:5170280View ThreadMod
/b/ros....6 of us guys are meeting at a friends place for some kind of assignment and we're also being joined by a substantially younger shy (18 or so) girl.
What do? Should we attempt the word that rhymes with cape? There might be some booze too...how do we get her to do stuff and then get away with it?

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anon943b1802/14/2020 (Fri) 05:23:4870302Mod

Coomjit singh #G+Wu8i943b1802/14/2020 (Fri) 05:26:4670304Mod
Livestream your gangbang adventures, i want to coooooooom

anon7ec67902/14/2020 (Fri) 09:09:0870318Mod

anon0d439802/14/2020 (Fri) 09:41:0070320Mod
You should attempt the word that rhymes with cope.

anonfc0b1802/14/2020 (Fri) 10:59:1470364Mod

02/13/2020 (Thu) 19:24:3070266View ThreadMod
It's that time of the year
anon5dcd9402/13/2020 (Thu) 19:31:1270267Mod

anoneceebd02/14/2020 (Fri) 04:01:1870283Mod
Girl is for simple man
real man do brahmacharya! Volcel!

anona9d49802/14/2020 (Fri) 05:57:3870308Mod
Another year, another Valentine, another year of maybe it will be another year.

anon082dcf02/14/2020 (Fri) 05:59:0670309Mod
I am like right on both days.

02/13/2020 (Thu) 18:55:4770261View ThreadMod
What's the worst thing one could to to drive a single mom crazy? I'll start with two

>abduct her 4yo daughter and after one month leave her corpse to her door with a tape with "I enjoyed your daughter, thanks!" written on her missing poster (there was some meme depicting this somewhere, I can't find it right now)

>kidnap both the mother and the daughter, put them in two rooms separated by a transparent unbreakable glass. Keep giving the mother plenty food and water. Never feed the daughter.

What would you do?

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anon3dd92202/13/2020 (Thu) 20:09:4970271Mod
Nice try CBI . I dont like women and stay away from them 10 feet so jokes on you lol.

anon1641b002/13/2020 (Thu) 20:16:2170272Mod
>What would you do?
Make the daughter watch as I rape her mother and then rape her daughter?

anon348a0a02/13/2020 (Thu) 21:21:3670275Mod
Shoot the father/husband in front of them and make them eat the corpse (no other food will be allowed)

anonfc3bf502/14/2020 (Fri) 05:26:2270303Mod
Obviously 1 is a safer option.
But 2 seems more fun.

anon4c196002/14/2020 (Fri) 05:46:5870305Mod
>rape the mother
That hoe would enjoy it lmao
Sasuga cannibal kun

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