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Would it have been better if you lost?


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Thoughts on Petyr Baelish

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how to identify a pseudo intellectual

he uses >"IIRC"

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How can I cope with the fact that a girl I live is dating someone else?

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Which is a better place to work abroad-Canada or US?

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what is your favorite snack? i'm talking about packaged stuff

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share spooky real-life experiences

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what's your weekly diet plan?

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accidentally touched some underage butt today

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I have not yet found one person irl who I can talk to comfortably at my own level without dumbing myself down.

Pernicious truths aside, you should know that you're wasting your time on the internet if you're here for memes- this place is a dead end and probably monitored. I know a LOT, so ask me absolutely ANYTHING and I'll honor you with a proper answer.

>Why are you doing this?

Major ennui, bored, etcetra, etcetra. Honestly, just want to know if there is another human who can think in this godforsaken satanic human breeding ground called India.

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U.P Police is fucking based.

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What do we do with this gora faggot?

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Why are people on indiachan confusing hindi with urdu

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Guys how can I get work visa to Canada after B.Tech?

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Guys I finished my B.Tech exams few days ago and now I'm going to attend GATE exams in a few months. How can I prepare within these 6 months so that I can get in to at least an NIT?

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I want to share something with you all

Ok boys what do you think about NIT Srinagar? After a lot of thinking tonight, I'm going for it. Because of my heartbreak I'm way too exhausted for studying for jee advanced. So I'm just gonna take cse in Srinagar. Since my papa has paisa I don't need a job immediately after graduation so i think its ok. I'm gonna work really fucking hard for next 4 years. No ladki no distractions, sirf khud ko improve karna chahta hum. Dimag se paidal aur jindagi zand hone karan koi dost nhi, socha aap logon se hi share kar lu. Dhanyavad.

It actually feels better after writing things down lmao

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Why do people call Bangalore people as npc and does anybody know a tall place in Bangalore which public can access to view rooftop scenery?

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I declare myself the supreme fuhrer here. Anyone who namefags in my name without the trip is a fake.
Now AMA.

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i hereby accept defeat to ObjectivelyBetterThanYou; he really has high iq.

i am doing this after being btfo'd by him in this thread: >>>10198

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Intellectuals only

Hey high IQ niggers of /b/ what are your thoughts on monogamy, polygamy and the patriarchy?
Attempt like this is a 5 marks question.

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Imagine being this [crowd cheating statement]

Normal day on Indiachan
> Only 5 distinct people
> Everyone claiming to be from higher IQ group
> Arguments without basis
> Mainstream circlejerk
> Swarna: "Haha chamar"
> Real Chamar larping:"Haha Bramhnigger(only speaks when reservations are criticised)"
> Northies Vs dosas
I love this site.

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What's with normal madhorchods flexing their education and career goal. Where are the oldfags gone who don't care about this shithole country , being a robot for the system?

Who the fuck cares on what you gonna pursue your worthless degree .

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A good website in a weary world welcomes people like yourself or @Tor http://2ftgu27lxmjmc3bjlqvzbn4gorx5yku3kylhbsn6g4ggum2e2jgcpoqd.onion/ Share the word, this is not spam but a special invitation to you. This invitation is unique and not many will get it, so rejoice. Our website is especially designed to help you tune into yourself, into your cow. Into the possibilities of milky delight that you will discover within you. Each time you visit our website you will understand more, and more will rise up within you in response. Visit our website, again and again. Visit alone, or with your cow. Try whatever appeals to you in the course of your visit and click something new! something different... each time. Then when you are comfortable with everything on our website use is as a wallpaper for your computer, let it become a part of your imagination, a part of you. The possibilities that this website will open are truly limitless.

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Comfy retirement homes

Where do you intend to retire to, /b/hratas? I personally like North Bengal, the chamars there are somewhat nice though lazy, I know the language and the climate is tolerable.

I could go on trips into the Himalayas whenever I feel like it too. Other than WB Himalayas, there's Sikkim, Nepal and Bhutan all nearby.

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To the incest fetishists here

Please answer the following questions
Do you have a sibling?
Do you sexually desire your sibling?
If yes what would be the most sexual experience you head with your sibling?
Did you ever had a lover/wife?
Do you have a lover now?
Are you a virgin?

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Okay How many of you niggers are climate change alarmists?

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Get in here /b/hratas and tell your MBTI personality type.
For those you who don't know what that is follow the link given below and tell us your type.

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no more parties in LA
please baby no more parties in LA
uhh no more parties in LA
please baby no more parties in LA

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Indiachan pe sab English kyu bol rhe hai hindi ne tumhara Kya bigara hai

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/CBSE/ general: class 12 result edition

Class 12 CBSE result is out
Where are all the class 12 your results

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മല്ലു ജനറൽ

പറമ്പുത്തൂരികൽ തൂരാതിരിക്കാൻ മലയാള ഭാഷ മാത്രം ഉപയോഗിക്കുക. അവരുടെ മണ്ടത്തരങ്ങൽക്ക് (യൂ) നൽക്കാതിരിക്കുക.

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>pehle mai normie tha. 12th ke baad mai otaku ban gaya

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In a few hours I will be writing my last exam in Btech. Wasted my time for 4 years.What do I do now to get that 1.6 lpm package lads?Studied mechanical from a tier 3 college btw.

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All high EQ people should be purged

Dick Suxx. They're the most boring moralfaggiest people ever.

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Are you ready for jizzus?


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Texas Toast

Do you like it?

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Bought more jewelry, more Louis V., my momma couldn’t get through to me

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Who else remember her????


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Bants aside what do you think of goras?

If I'm being objective, I just can't deny that the country and ethnicity I belong to is on average far inferior to their most inferior stock. The fact that I still mog 95% of them in IQ compensates somewhat for that somewhat but still.
Does anyone unironically hate goras? Why?

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anyone here know the significance of 12 o' clock for turban poonjabis?

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IRCTC is the worst website in the world. Even my college's website want this bad
Post the worst website you've seen

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Your next PM


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Based or cringe?

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Global reddit meetup is coming up. What say about some of us coming together in some randian sub meetups but with signs to show we are indiachananons?

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>tfw your iq matches your favourite nazi's

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How to be based?

Hi /b/, I think I am a fag but I don't want to remain fag, how to be based?

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AMA: AboT BhaI

Last 2 week i spend 15X7X2 (hh/dd/ww) with bhai (as i'm a part of team ,working on Bhai's Biopic project. )
Shoot whatever.

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Missing Nimrah

Am I the only one who misses Nimrah?
Could anyone please post her insta?

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Late Night Thread

What's up bhratas?

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Are cumbrains the real reason for the rise of sexual degeneracy?
>Demand porn to be legalized
>Demand sodomy to be legalized
>Demand adultery to be legalized
>Years later...
>Any kind of sex is now okay as long as it is """consent"""ing
Incest already in the normalisation stage, only responsible angry dads of the previous generation start the beginning of the acceptance of pedophila. Once all of them die out, we can start on that too.
>The institution of marriage gets deroded and eventually irrelevant
No more is it needed that two people need to have a committed relationship to start a family. Institutions of marriage and family gets deroded. People only seek sex for the pleasure value and short term open relationships and one night stands on the rise. Polyamory becomes the norm and fertility rate drops and governments rely on imported immigrants to realistically sustain the nation.
>Polygamy and Hypergamy on the rise, incel epidemic in the rise too
Women no longer need to sleep with a greesy looking fat boi in exchange for care and support. All she seek now in it is her own pleasure and naturally she only wants to sleep with makes with HMV.
Polacks are quick to blame women's rights and feminism for the rise sexual degeneracy. But no matter how I look into it, is men themselves to be blamed for this.

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how should i show a bhangi his place?

my watchman to ask for rent shouted oiiii when i was like 5 feet away from me.

he should have addressed me as sir or just my name.

i pretended to not hear him even when i clearly could hear him.

but i want to show him his place once for all.

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Anyone under 175cm confirmed manlet.

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/b/hratas how do your survive here?

Living in India is fucking horrible if you aren't socially skilled. I know every country can't be Nippon tier based about such things but honestly in India every person I meet seems to be at least a failed normoid, whenever I try to explain why I don't feel the need to invite the bhangis I have to call my classmates over to my home my parent's eyes just kind of glaze over as if they've never seen someone who doesn't like social interactions before. Funnily enough, my mother is actually quiet introverted and usually just keeps a smile frozen on her face and laughs at other's jokes at family functions and such. My dad is a typical extrovert and chatters away endlessly, even if it is about boring stuff, but my mom doesn't unless only our closest relatives are present. I just don't get why she pretends to enjoy those gatherings, seeing as how she's obviously so uncomfortable during them. In any case, from what I remember of the times I was forced to sit in front of others and listen to their inane gossip, it's mostly really boring stories about their lives, I don't know why even smart extroverts seem to cherish such pointless conversation so much.

I've seen that even extremely introverted people tend to hang out with 'friends' here, they are usually the guy walking alone at the back when the group is walking in double or triple file, the guy who gets covered up or left out in group selfies and they usually don't speak on their own at all. I'd say 15% of the groups I observed had such a member and it was honestly sad watching them cause I could empathize somewhat with them and wondered why they took on the torture of socializing just to avoid the tag of being asocial.

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>Be me
>College announces we have to do this mandatory social service thing where we have to teach some chamars
>Forgot all about it so the faggot who is supposed to narc on us if we don't go wakes me up
>It's 5:30
>Brush teeth and run, had been awake till 4AM previous night so still really sleepy
>It's cold
>Finally get there with the other bhangis who are supposed to teach with me
>There's 5 of us and 15 students
>No chairs, we are supposed to teach squatting on the floor
>Everyone snaps up as many students as they can while I hang back hoping I don't have to take any, turns out it was my lucky day so I just sit by myself a bit farther away and try to pass time
>15 minutes in
>Everyone is mostly advancing all right but this one bhangi is getting absolutely ignored by the one student he got, he literally hasn't looked at him once since he began teaching(TBF he has an ugly mug).
>Really hate that bhangi so I like the kid for instinctively hating him too
>Walk over to them and squat beside the kid, take the book from my fellow bhangi without uttering a word.
>He was teaching Maths, I wondered what kind of a moron teaches class 3 level Maths without an exercise book and decided I didn't want to know
>Put the book away and ask the kid what his favourite subject is
>Ask him to take out his book, ask him what chapters they have covered so far
>He shows me almost all are done
>Flip to tenses and give him a few simple questions, he can't answer one
>Try teaching him the question in bits so it's easier
>Ask him a few different ones after more or less covering the different types of tense usage I can think of, including some that weren't in the book
>He gets them mostly correct
>Put the book away and tell him he's earned a 5 minutes rest
>Asking him stuff about his life, what his family's like and stuff like that.
>Suddenly tells me he doesn't want to talk about home
>Ask why
>Doesn't reply
>Think about prying but figure I'm just here for one day and it isn't my place
>Continue with the rest of the class, end up teaching him about the Earth's rotation and revolution, the way moon affects the tide and a pretty cute story about a caterpillar
>Try asking him questions from every chapter before I teach him
>Kid's a disaster
>Teach him the chapter then ask again
>He gets 70-80% of the questions right
>Feel very angry at whichever bhangi is in charge of his class, he's obviously utter shit since the kid is actually decently smart.
>Getting ready to leave
>The kid comes up to me and asks if I'll be coming next Thursday.
>Say no
>Kid just says oh and walks away

I felt really bad about it later though. I'm considering asking to be given another class with next year's batch(Only the first years have to take one class each).
I'm not some fag who dreams about helping underprivileged kids though, I'm the guy who suggests euthanizing them. Plus the kid probably doesn't even remember me, memories during that age are pretty poor AFAIK and he only saw me one day for a few hours.

If I do end up making the request I'll get made fun of and if the kid doesn't remember me it'll be even more merciless.

I shouldn't make the request right, /b/?

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How to get a gf in India thread

tell me pls i don't want to be an incel forever

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>Why yes, I do maintain a sattvic diet, is a yogi, a brahmachari and read a lot How did you know?

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IT niggers can you make something like this?

I once doxxed a fag who road raged at me from just his number plate.

Gobarmint portals tell you in whose name a car is registered so I got his name from there. Unfortunately he was a Gupta so that didn't make things much easier but he was talking on the phone with his wife while the police were talking to me and I overheard him tell her he's just 15 min from home which, combined with the direction he was travelling, let me roughly approximate his address. So I went on the Election Commission's site and simply downloaded the voter rolls from the area. I could approx guess his age so I kept looking for 30-40 aged males named Gupta with a wife. I found 11 men in total who fit that criteria, so I began googling their relatives name along with their names to get hits from Facebook. It worked out and I quickly ruled out 4 guys till I finally came on my guy. Funny thing was he didn't even have a Facebook account but his fatass wife had mentioned him in a family picture so I got her account and her son's. I ended up not actually doing something because sending gore to his wife or son would just be a dick move and not the rightful vengeance I craved.

However, I realised what an asset Election Commission rolls are. You could download the entire country's rolls, properly index the data and create a tool that'd give you the addresses of all people with a certain name in a region. You could even include parameters like family members and age. Unless someone's named Mohammad Khan or something anyone could be traced, even in a metropolis given a few hours of trial and error.

Is it possible to build? One thing about the electoral rolls that might be an issue was they were scanned so ctrl+f didn't work. There's ways to search for words even in image files though(Google Books does it) so it shouldn't be too much of an issue.

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Got hard watching the sacking scene in latest swordshit episode

Anyone else?

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YWN shoot arrows at Turkroaches from these walls

Why live?

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how has your interactions been with mudslimes IRL?

personally i feel like they have this misplaced sense of superiority.

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Help me guys I can't stop jerking off.

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Mods dalit the other thread


posting here since nobody goes to /g/.
atleast i don't.

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Based bihari Muslim. Contrast this with the Muslims you get in UP, Karnataka , Maharashtra, Bengal, Kerala, Delhi etc.

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College is over for an year. I am 23 and I already feel like a boomer. How to get rid of this shitty feeling?

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Indiachan has become a single civil war thread, can this be undone?

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hi im going to be using this tripcode

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If karma is real then we all would be Hitler in our previous lives and got born as an Indian as punishment.

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If this is Indian version of 4chan what is the Indian version of Reddit?

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posting here since nobody goes to /meta/.
atleast i don't.

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Would you edit your baby's genes?

If you could, would you ensure it's born with all the best genes or would you let nature take its course? If you'd rather do the latter, why?

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thoughts on this canine?

R: 59 / I: 4 / P: 8


Is she ri8 /b/ ?
I think she is 100% ri8.

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How can I get a qt police gf?

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Is genocide justified and necessary sometime ? Does India need one this moment.

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posting here since nobody goes to /meta/.
atleast i don't.

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The absolute state of our military


The guy who left it open will probably retire with a full pension, buy loads of cheap daru with it and his kids will get armed forces family reservation.

Also generally Indian military criticism thread. Only competent branch honestly seems like the Army, the Air Force is filled with useless fucks who keep getting rekt by Pakis in every fucking war despite numerical superiority and Navy seems like a nightmare with all the stories of wife swapping+the fact that they genuinely feared they'd lose an aircraft carrier to one(1) diesel attack sub in 1971. I wonder if the only reason the army appears competent is the incompetence of the Pakis too, the way it got cucked by a pack of lungi niggers in Sri Lanka was legitimately humiliating.

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Went out at noon today


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Bros plz halp

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>Take Armodafinil cause it helps me concentrate and I have exams in 10 hours
>End up concentrating on EU4 for the past 4 hours, calculating stuff that'd help me play more efficiently.

Fuck this

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Is this some scam? Anyone encountered it before?

It happened to me 3 times already. I smell something fishy going on.
It always start with some bhangi coming up to you and saying he and his family come from Mahar Rashtra (All the three times it's the same place). Then he'll talk about how they got stuck there and they need help to go back home. Then they'll ask for some token help, some money to travel or to buy food. I got away by saying I had no money all three times. This happened in different places in Bhangilore.

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Late night snacks.
What's /b/ eating?

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Can anyone kill me?

R: 1 / I: 1 / P: 9

how are you holding up bros

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is this even possible?

> be me 14 betafag
> parents out for 2 days
> jerk off continuously cos retarded
> sleep after exhausted
> wake with pain in stomach
> needtoshit.mp4
> shitaton.jpeg
> few min later pain again
> shatagain.png
> exhausted.gif
> mfw i gave myself diarrhea from fapping

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This should be stickied

R: 1 / I: 0 / P: 9

Step 1. Complain about low traffic on the site
Step 2. Ban people who have never posted from posting.

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>Kerala Man Hits Son With Spade Handle for Failing to Score ‘A Plus’, Arrested
The boy had scored ‘A plus’ in 6 of the 10 subjects, while his father was expecting the top score in all subjects, police said

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Bhaiiyo, I'm planning to buy this game. Has anyone else played it here? It's on discount but I'm a poorfag and will only buy it if it provides what it promises (hardcore sambhog).
The reviews are good but I'm still sceptical about the actual gameplay.

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Your porn journey

>Loli hentai
>Incest hentai

I think I'm climbing out towards more vanilla stuff again which is definitely an improvement from when 50% of my browser history was random virus infested bestiality porn sites. I think I hit my low point when I jerked off to a dolphin being given a blowjob.

What about you anon?

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Anyone ever done it here? Thinking about getting Tinder and using some insta gym rat's pics to catfish girls and waste their time. Do people actually meet up after 5-10 texts here if the guy is hot enough?

R: 10 / I: 1 / P: 10

Bhratas, did /vg/ rangebanned our entire country? I swear I never broke any rules but I can't seem to post there for some reason. I tried all 5 devices in my house to post but none of them are working. All the other boards are working fine though.

R: 15 / I: 0 / P: 10

I take ritalin AmA

R: 7 / I: 2 / P: 10

should i approach women? if yes, how?
note that this is india and i cant try western bs here.

sometimes women look at me, but being the pussy i am, i feel shy and look away.

they look for some more times then stop looking at me after they understand im trying to ignore them.

im not claiming im a chad or anything.
im kinda skinnyfat. and not model tier or anything.

R: 12 / I: 2 / P: 10

im going to be less offensive/insulting while im posting.

i have already stopped using casteist slurs.

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 10

On a train trip to bhangilore. There is a qt below me. Will hitting on grills while on trip work like those burawood movies?

R: 3 / I: 0 / P: 10

So /b/ I was walking down the footpath one fine day and, looking up, I saw Rajdeep Chordesai walking towards me. Now I am a loyal /b/hrata and immediately decided I would pwn him epik style.
So while he was passing me by I slowly whispered "Heh fucking cuck libtard". Rajdeep stopped and I swear I saw his ear prick.
"What did you just say?"
I'd like to say I said it out loud /b/ but truth is I tried to sneak away mumbling something. Rajdeep, however, reached out and grabbed me.
"You know?"
There was a glint in his eye, something unnerving to watch. A bit intrigued, I decided to play along
"Yeah, sure."
"So, would you like to participate?"
"Why not?"
Rajdeep let go of me now.
"Come to my car at 2, it's parked right around the corner"
Now, /b/, I considered the possibility that Fagdeep was a homo too as it is commonly known 90% of the media is but I reckoned I'd be able to overpower him and give him the D instead if he tried to give it to me.
So I got to the car. A light drizzle had started up and the windows soon got misty as the rain began to pour.

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