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/g/ noob 08e467 04/02/2021 (Fri) 18:04:55 10589
Will front end web development die in next 10-15 years due to the rise of website builders like Wix, GoDaddy and advancement in AI, etc? By death I mean need for web developers will reduce or not?
anon 046579 04/02/2021 (Fri) 18:53:06 10592
static, content-only websites maybe, but i don't think web app dev (think discord etc) is going anywhere
anon 354513 04/02/2021 (Fri) 19:14:04 10594
I'm a CSE fresher can you please tell me about more web developement roles and sub industries and skills? I only know about basic software industry that too not much.
anon 1d1eb2 04/04/2021 (Sun) 08:21:27 10627
Same web devs will be doing the wix and square space shit instead. At the end of the day some one will have to plumb libraries together
anon 3409fd 04/02/2021 (Fri) 18:30:58 10591
Is it possible to create a bot that automatically creates an account and writes a tweet? Of course you'll have to do the captcha yourself, but can you automate everything else except the captcha?

1 mahine me boards hai, I was wondering if I could fabricate a new trend for #EndBoards or something like that so maybe it'll gain momentum and more people will start using the hashtag, and maybe, just maybe, they'll cancel boards.

How possible is this? If it's possible, why don't more people do it to create 'fake' trends?
anon 8c022f 04/02/2021 (Fri) 20:34:45 10597
anon 61118a 04/03/2021 (Sat) 07:09:57 10604
you don't need to, zoom zooms will get to work automatically in a few days
anon 69a1cc 04/03/2021 (Sat) 08:14:19 10605
padhai kar faggot.
anon 2fab7d 04/03/2021 (Sat) 03:03:31 10599
Are there any non-data mining open source alternatives to this?
anon cefccc 04/03/2021 (Sat) 03:22:50 10600
I use myfitnesspal
anon 7d2467 02/12/2021 (Fri) 08:50:21 9461
Should I buy these IEMs for my birthday? They cost 27.5k
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anon f544cd 03/04/2021 (Thu) 08:03:44 9898
meant for this anon
anon 93a47d 03/05/2021 (Fri) 14:10:30 9923
Consider killing yourself filthy faggot
anon e3dbb9 03/16/2021 (Tue) 11:39:48 10205
No need to go high budget over IEMs. Buy Headphones instead. Sennheiser ones are real good.

If you want IEMs go for KZ KS10 pro or Tin 2 pro.
anon f4f33e 03/17/2021 (Wed) 07:17:32 10220
Headphones aren't feasible. Open backs leak sound and need to be used at higher volumes to discern all the details, whether it's with music, movies or gaming.
With IEMs, I get full detail at 1/3 the volume, they leak no sound, they sound far more immersive due to the sound going directly into your ear canals, and apparently the FD5 has great technicals and soundstage despite being a single DD IEM. I can't listen to hybrids with BA drivers, they just don't sound as smooth as a single DD IEM does. I have Senns I don't use them anymore after my chifi IEM btfo's them so I'm looking to get an endgame pair of IEMs
anon f544cd 04/02/2021 (Fri) 18:07:12 10590
Which iems have you listened so far?
Whats your experience with those ?
anon dfafdc 03/27/2021 (Sat) 20:53:42 10443
In old Nokia phones there was an option to encrypt your SD cards so each time you wanted to open it, you had to enter a pin. So anytime you wanted to give your phone to a friend or someone else you can always be sure none of your secrets will be found. Is there any way to do it with Android phones? I know Android has a encrypt SD card option but that's not what I'm looking for as its done without a key and the data is accessible any time phone is unlocked.
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anon 478dac 03/28/2021 (Sun) 12:44:13 10458
I'm not talking about cp pedonigger. It's just some regular porn and hentai. I don't want to lock my gallery nor file manager as showing photos I clicked is the main reason I has to give my phone to someone else.
anon 302032 03/28/2021 (Sun) 13:30:38 10459
Then keep that shit in a zip file and extract whenever you want to wank, fuck face
anon 8d2e14 03/28/2021 (Sun) 13:40:14 10460
Look if you have nothing to say and don't know anything you don't need to pollute this thread with your stinky posts.
anon 8b3387 03/28/2021 (Sun) 15:34:26 10462
Ill fuck you stinky butthole if you ever talk to me like that again
anon 827855 04/02/2021 (Fri) 17:54:52 10588
i remember it too, it still exist on some phones
Feeling pro nation anon f4e15f 03/25/2021 (Thu) 12:55:43 10399
Going to unironically buy Micromax IN 1 tomorrow
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anon 4a672e 03/27/2021 (Sat) 20:01:56 10442
I used to have a Micromax Bharat 2. I used to hate it but now I miss it. Miss those days when phones could be operated comfortably in one hand.
anon e702c4 03/27/2021 (Sat) 21:10:01 10445
Used yu yuphoria
Great looking phone, good software, poor build. Phones with removable battery just dont have that structural intergity.
anon c1e81e 03/29/2021 (Mon) 05:45:30 10478
really nice phone. i hope they take the oneplus approach and gradually shift to higher end models. never thought an indian manufacturer would offer stock android and a phone which just works and doesnt have unnecessary stuff, something that chingchongs cant offer
anon 6010bb 03/29/2021 (Mon) 06:43:41 10480
Crap specs for 10k, should be going for 8k instead, that would be reasonable.
anon 2e8aca 04/02/2021 (Fri) 17:51:24 10587
assembled or made from scratch in india?
Cuckpit Veerwal anon baca5d 03/31/2021 (Wed) 02:15:17 10531
Low IQ/High IQ
or just
plain midwit

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anon 15fed5 04/01/2021 (Thu) 03:34:51 10560
anon e802a9 04/01/2021 (Thu) 05:55:22 10564
>mai abhi ek JEE dropper hu
stopped watching right there
anon 1ad4ee 04/01/2021 (Thu) 09:02:55 10565
I remember some on /b/ during lockdown before September 2020 JEE Mains made a rant thread about his course and how he got scammed. It was top kek rant lmao
anon a47827 04/01/2021 (Thu) 16:46:58 10571
Leave this board zoomie and come back when you grow up
anon baca5d 04/02/2021 (Fri) 05:25:24 10581
crep reasoning
Lmao me too! Hope someone screencapped or archive it I remember it was some thread on anime i guess
First time i read a proper greentext on this site
Software Industry fag without DSA are the biggest larpers anon 456998 03/31/2021 (Wed) 11:29:58 10539
If you are or want to get into the software industry and you dont know about DSA then you must either rope or switch industries
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anon dc4fd1 03/31/2021 (Wed) 17:10:13 10546
>hare mendak
anon 10794d 04/01/2021 (Thu) 03:51:26 10562
how to clear interviews without dsa??
anon 456998 04/01/2021 (Thu) 05:13:25 10563
switch industry

why the fuck would you want to do it though?

It is like trying to teach high school maths without knowing the multiplication table
anon 659371 04/01/2021 (Thu) 13:41:26 10566
>be me
>senior software enginigger
>got job before programming contests were thing
>fuck around on aws all day
>google search, copy paste and patch around js code
>yfw never had to use single DS concept on single day of work
90% of the thing system design and figuring to build modular as such there
is minimal effort or does not break when future change
10 % of the code thing is using framework and knowing best practices and reading documentation to do x.
anon 92762e 04/01/2021 (Thu) 13:56:58 10567
lmao! isse jyada to mera baap bartan bech ke kama leta hai..
Rust Programmming anon 71c030 03/31/2021 (Wed) 18:04:36 10549
Ran into Rust a few months ago. Is there any scope for learning rust in India, or should I stick with C++/Python ?
anon 12e2d9 03/31/2021 (Wed) 20:25:59 10556
Ignore tranny Rust and instead learn chad C++. C++ still has a great future thanks to its great toolchain which is light-years ahead of any other language.
anon 058df3 04/01/2021 (Thu) 03:45:23 10561
shitting about other programming lang( tranny traits)
learn all three no need to stick to a fucking prog language.
Richard Stallman anon 0f5ec9 03/30/2021 (Tue) 04:56:42 10497
RMS found in textbook. Will he be removed in the next edition??
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anon ac7309 03/30/2021 (Tue) 06:48:42 10500
anon 9ae020 03/30/2021 (Tue) 08:02:17 10502
Don't count on it in this environment, tbh. The reddit pedo admins completely wiped one of their founder's names form their advertising and pages for political correctness or something.
anon 0f5ec9 03/30/2021 (Tue) 08:35:30 10503
ISC class 11 book btw
anon ac7309 03/31/2021 (Wed) 01:54:32 10527
i was wondering. the one by sumita arora, right? i don't remember seeing this. but then again, our class hardly used the book lol.
anon 1f2e9e 03/31/2021 (Wed) 02:06:51 10528
it wasn't political correctness
Aaron Swartz was all about freedom of speech and freedom of information and fighting against the state and corporate power. modern reddit is a full-fledged propaganda outlet for multiple governments and corporations.
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