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samsung t5 500gb @ 4500 value for money or not?
this is pure genius. basically ensures westerners will never abuse your projects.
What's a good screen recorder for Windows? t.not a Win10 nigger
help this poorfag
GT 1030 2GB GDDR5 Good card? Is Linux compat good? I am not a wayland fag, x is good enough for me. I do not intend to game on this. Just videos, coding and basic tasks.
Linux Distro query
Which is the fastest(performance) linux distro for my potato pc? I only browse google chrome and play music
There is only one phone which is <155mm in height, has hrr display and headphone jack. and it isnt available in india
>Be me >CSBhangi in tier 3 college >Baap never put me in jee coaching so fluke every entrance in 2020 >Always put my mouth where my money is >Decided to become IT coolie FAGMAN >Join CSE in tier 3 college >Avg package is 6 lpa (90% of students get placed with that) >10-15 get selected in Microsoft that too not for SDE role but some Azure cloud shit that is 12 lpa >Didn't like college >Fell for the partial drop meme >Didn't join coaching exam because online hi hogi toh Jewtube jinda baad >Couldn't even solve Jee mains shit >Cope by saying bitsat karunga >Study for BITSAT >Get good marks in mocks >Hopium.exe >Day of the exam >8th August 2021 >Wake up early since exam center is 30km in some North Delhi shithole >See admit card for adress >Notice date >It said 7th August 2021 >Cry like a bitch and blame my life and luck >Missed out on BITS Goa dream >Can't cope with the fact that I will never be a BITSChad >Waste 1 year of college and did nothing for placements I know it's my fault and I can't do nothing but forge ahead. I still don't know how will get an internship next summer. Please help yaar
Stooody thread
hello anons, i need advice regarding books to read for btech mathematics. On quora everyone is mainly suggesting B. V. Ramana, B. S. Agarwal, R. K. Jain, H. K. Dass, N. P. Bali. Which one of these should i begin with given that my maths is quite weak. pls help
post your desktops i wanted a good wallpaper matching the theme but couldnt find any suggestion are open
Can't wait to convert my entire home into a smart home so Paki script kiddies can electrocute me when I'm in the shower
Had to buy a 3500rs HP DeskJet because im too broke (at the moment) to afford a 11k printer. Cartridges are so fucking expensive bros. I looked up online the alternative to using hp cartridges and found that you can also use pic related to fill up cartridges. Has anyone tried this?
Anons, I fell for the Gentoo meme and now have it installed with KDE on my laptop. Everything (including Nvidia Drivers) but wifi and speakers work. I have to fidget with the kernel again now and honestly everything takes so much time and effort especially emerging packages is so retarded that im tempted to jump back to Arch. What do I do anons? Should I spend more time fixing and try to live with Gentoo?
A 14yo has more software projects than me... This shit makes me so jealous man....
Guys where can I learn bash dash and zsh shell scripting?
Suggest resources to learn and master C++ I am currently reading Programming using C++ by Bjarne Stroustrup.
Revolt - FOSS Alternative to Discord
Why are you not using Revolt? > free and open source > supports bots, voice, and text messages > "premium" discord features like invite backgrounds, gif profiles and banners etc all available for free. > customizable themes (either use a community made theme or make your own) > basically copied discords interface, so pretty easy to switch to > e2e encryption also planned > well documented API, you can make your own client if you wish(there are already libraries for most languages)
Suggest small phone for my grandfather he has been using redmi 5A.
5G discussion thread.
How long will it take for 5 g to become relevant in india. Should I consider buying a 5 g phone or a 4 g one. Budget is below 20k,but all 5 g phones are 3 to 4 k more costlier.
Arch, Mint or Manjaro? I'm an uni student and got comfy with ubuntu but now I'm looking for an upgrade. Which is for the best?
Dear Sir I am an Amazon project manager, we are hiring a team, you can work from home, daily salary: 20000+watsapp understand Thanks
suggest Laptop under 20k on which I can code and play some faggy games if possible t. jeebhangi trying to learn coding
what's a good tracker site that you use to download your music other than I wanna download FLAC but lossless mp3 works too. rutracker is good but I can't run it on my phone cuz of the russian text. broke my laptop and it will be fixed in a week aman chuttadwal user list + suggestions leak. fuck these money makers/self help motivators
will mac book air m1 work with samsung t5?
Have my sirs did the needful and install Windows 11 the bestest most fastest OS with Auto HRD and Direct Storage and Xboxs Games Pass today???
HP products suck more then a $2 whore. I've had nothing but bad luck with their products and wouldn't buy one if they were the ONLY maker.
Consoomer General
Post all your queries regarding buying shit in lundia in this thread. Jannies please do the needful and pin this thread for future consoomers to see.
another retarded phone advice thread
budget is 25k but Im thinking of something under 15k since i dont use my phone at all (i havent used my smartphone at all in past 6+ months, just my "keypad" phone for calls and shit). Suggest some good under 15k phone but if theres an exceptional offer the price limit is 25k, thanks cuties
What is the extent of government spying on citizens in Lundia? What kind of capabilities does our central government have? Anything to be scared of or are our spy agencies run by incompetent chamars just like all of our government?
/fag/ - friendly apple general
ITT we discuss about apple products. MacBook Air Pro M1 This is literally the best laptop to ever exist yaar. Don't listen to other poorfags here. It runs so smooth. Even After Effects run good on this device. >B-But what about PC gayminng Only faggots do things like PC gaming. Buy an xbox together with your kalej roommates.
phone an customs you use thread i own a pinephone and mess with dual booted archlinux and glodroid but dont really use it because who the fuck needs a phone anyways, the pinephone has proprietary binary blobs as firmwares so i cant trust it lol i cant post a photo here because i would need 2 mirrors for it, sorry root? self compiled! rom? its RWM and not ROM for me android version? uughh i think glodroid was 11? whats an app? i only know daemons, software, init, kernel, application, GUI, CLI, and the others, which retard working for crapple or jewgle had the idea to reinvent the wheel and call everything in software terminology "app"?? my favorite applications are fluffychat (matrix client, android), quickmedia (matrix/4chan/jewtube/etc etc... client, linux, i use it when i dock my pinephone), magisk for android, pretty much useless because every app has root perms on my phone, i dont have to worry because i dont run any proprietary software on it, camera (broken on android lolol), terminal/termux because i do half of my shit with the command line unironically, even on my phone, and an ebook reader for reading the gita
Samsung UA32N4003ARXXL
Does anyone know how can i connect my phone to this shiTV? Is there a way to mirror screen in? Or play movies without the medium of flashdrive? T. literal covid hit bhikari anon cant afford a flash drive
Suggestion for a hard disk
Is pic related a good deal? Any other suggestions?
anyone using this? does 2k/4k phone makes it better?
How do i get more information about a missed call? Truecaller doesn't tell much about the person
What went wrong?
Buying Thinkpad for programing and linux
Looking for some re-sold versions but can't seem to find the best place for them. Any suggestions anon?
Teacher requests students to reply with their e-mail addresses in group chat. Everyone ( including me ) used gmail. Is there a cool named free e-mail service like GMX? GMX isn't available in India.
is this any good for statistical analysis via R hadoop,mongoDB and spark? Aspire 7 Ryzen 5 Hexa Core 5500U - (8 GB/512 GB SSD/Windows 10 Home/4 GB Graphics/NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650) A715-42G Gaming Laptop (15.6 inch, Black, 2.15 kg
What gaming pc do people buy in india?
How do i safely backup photos and videos from a malware infected computer? So that the next time I move my backup folder in some new folder I don't get the virus
E-readers (physical device)
What are some good e-readers available in India? I would like to read my ePUB, PDF and djvu collections with ease. I read about Kobo readers but they don't seem to be available on Amazon.
Help needed
Can someone help me remove the watermark from this image. Appreciate it. thx lub you.
yarrooo rvce banglore me cs mil raha hai aur neet me gobermint collage se dental kaunsa lu yaaaaar. >pcmb studnet hu lund kuch nahi ata computer me
CS Enginiggering
What exactly are the reasons that some get placement as high as 40LPA while most get only 7LPA? How do I make sure that I don't end up as the latter? t. jhoomer who will step into kalej life next month
Core i3 1115G4 or core i5 10210u
im a xiaomi faggot, how do I degoogle my phone and delete all these bloatware faggotry, literally eats 60% of my storage kek help
Core i5 1135G7 or Ryzen 5 5500u
Girls don't like android
>meet with girl from twitter. >Text >She instantly says "wait... Do you have an Android? What the fuck dude" >Tell her it's a better phone for a cheaper price >"Uhm whatever, nerd" >Never hear from her again, even though my pixel is nice and expensive This always happens guys.i think it's time I get an iphone. I need to get airpods and get laid
Suggest laptop yaar upto 40k for coding.
/g/ - what's a good earphone under 1000
My chink one broke down and i already have one wireless one from boat and it has served me well for more than 1 and a half year. I need a wired version now, what are your thoughts on pic related?
I will be taking admission in some 3rd tier college, probably CSE. I don't really like coding but i don't have any other options. I know basic python and C, what should i do moving forward in order to improve my chances of getting some wageslave job ? I don't want to become a NEET :(
I've never torrented anything in my life and I need some help yaaro Pic rel is my current situation What do I do?
Just installed a custom rom and completely degoogled my phone Found this foss imageboard viwer app on F-droid How to integrate inch on it
best phone under 20k and 15k
i have been rocking j6 infinity since 3 years i guess the battery has neck roped itself i want to buy some beefy (battery wise) phone .I dont game and my main priority is battery and camera recommend me best phones below 15k and below 20k if i like the below 15k one i wont bother about spending upto 20 but if the 20k secures me for another 3-4 years i dont mind spending a few extra extra
Where can i buy old thinkpad with core 2 duo chips? X60 or x200 pic related
give me a phone that is different and can be bought in this shithole new or upcoming
Edward Snowden Mode
How to go complete incognito on internet yaaro? tell me the required hardware and software to go maximum incognito without spending anything- >Operating system >Internet Browser >Mail service >etc
Is proton mail a honeypot now??
Tell me.
Resources to learn bash scripting please. I am brainlet.
how to delete anime from my linux machine
Comfy hacker life
I read Eric S. Raymond's "How to be a hacker" at the age of 17 when I was in school and i've been obsessed with the lifestyle of a hacker/coder who lives in his home, contributes to open source, knows a shit ton about coding/OS design/zero days/networking; is known and respected in tech circles, has written legendary, foss tools that he'are used by top developers. But he appears normal to the outside world. How do I achieve this? I am 25 and haven't written a line of code since I was a schoolboy. I am also in a non-tech day job. How can I be a self taught master coder/networking wizard? I am prepared to give my free time to this.
Where can I buy laptop replacement screen online?
I want to host a cloud server and an email server on my old phone. How do I do this? What are the hardware requirements that I will need?
Antifa gave chuds a massive cyberhacking L. Why is no one talking about this?
Calamares vs Ubiquity Which should i use to make my custom linux installer iso? Also how to modify shit like wallpaper,installed apps e.t.c? Is there a guide?
Web browser thread
Which web browser do you all use as a daily driver and why?
Why do Nigerians have better websites than us! chrzrdz really is a chamar
Garuda Linux
Is this Linux OS based!
Whys kuroba dev showing global rule 14 ban evasion error while posting on 4chan? I'm not even banned(neither is my ip), i can post normally from my browser
Best C course on the Internet
Yaaro mera tier 2 college mai admission ho gaya hai , aur mujhe pehle 6 months C language sikhayenge Can anyone tell me which is the best C course on udemy or youtube ?
What to gift to sister - Redmi Note 10 Pro or Poco X3?
Yaaron, I wanted to buy a macbook air/pro M1 but it turns out my parents won't buy it for me....suggest a good laptop under 60k, do not ignore it doston, a fren needs help
How to fall in love with coding again? t.Tier 3 CSBhangi
Want a cheap ass computer just for making college presentations and stuff. No coding or any such shit(medicalfag hu). Can't decide between buying a chromebook or a more expensive computer with MS office installed. What to do bros?
Inch Script
Unironically wasted 3 hours writing a search script for Inch, 1 hour making the thing, 2 more hours making it asynchronous and adding arguments. Am I doomed to fail for life?
Just got this sent on cs kolej whatsapp group sent by a bhangi who argued w me (in same group) over why my short efficient code doesn't work because "he tried it too" noob made an indentation error still was hellbent on saying this longer inexplanable code he copypasted from some site is better... What a sore loser also >absolute state
Can someone tell me a good C++ course where they teach all DS and Algorithm required to become codemonkey. Also how do I manage to get a 24+ LPA job? I'm in a tier 3 college where on campus average package is 6 lpa with 90% students going to mass recruiters. My second year is starting from 16th August and I haven't done shit.
Where do Kikemiri enginiggers bugger off to after graduation? I've never seen them in the usual wageslave shitholes of Bhangilore, Dilli, Bombay etc
tell me g bros
I'm not able to post in /b/, what's wrong ne/g/ros?
C vs Python for a beginner
I don't know shit about programming , my college is going to start in 1.5 months , they are going to teach C there . some people are saying that I should learn python first as it is easier and all my concepts would be clear . What is Inch opinion on what I should do first ?
Just learnt little windows app development. Give me ideas for small .exe GUI programs that should automate a task or anything fun.
Why aren't you using ytdlp anons?
Made by brahmin Dravidian dev Supports almost all indian OTTs Just werks Solid support Continuous development No COC Dev is anti Semitic, and transphobic btw Don't give shekels to the jews. Backup all the stuff yourself anons
freetard reality check
Damn i didn't know how weird I sounded when I told people I don't use non-libre software. pic not me
l33tBh4ng1'5 Blog
I fell for all the minimal programs memes. I feel like I'm learning stuff but something feels wrong. I use all the suckless meme programs and am learning emacs currently. Am I wasting my time? Should I really learn it now or learn it after properly getting into programming. I have a good setup now but something always seems to be missing. Has anyone else felt the same?
Dank web help
I want to start browsing the dank web, where do I start ? Could any kind souls lead me to any good directory or wikis which could help me get started
How to torrent shit, without buying vpn?
Jiofag here, torrenting is blocked and I dont wanna buy a vpn, and protonvpn doesnt allow torrenting. Are there any good ways to torrent shit without spending money?
xmpp gc
1. Download a suitable xmpp client for you OS. List of clients here: . Reccomended clients: Dino for linux, Conversations for Android, Siskin IM for iOS. But doing your own research is encouraged. 2. Make an account on the server of your choice. List of servers at or . 3. Log in to your account through your client. Note: Most servers and clients don't ask for your email or any other way of identification, use those servers and clients which don't ask for any way of identification. And note down your ID and password in a safe place because there's no way to retrive them if you lose them. And at last, post your IDs here, we will make a gc. The ID should look like:
What is the alternative for Tails providing almost same privacy protection level as it? It wont load on my PC because of RTX 3080.
Indiachan Hackathon
Hackathon where you code some really based and edgy shit, and the most edgy one wins some prizes kek. Good place to show your autism and coding skills
Does anybody have the cracks of nordvpn or any other vpn accounts that got leaked here? I need to seed torrents and my fuckin ISP doesn't like it. I could also pay to share your vpn..if it's reasonable and allows p2p