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Kya itna bura hoon main, Maa?
As I grew up, it just became harder to make friends. I've had a good relationship with my childhood friends but now they've got their own life and own new set of friends wherever their paths went. While I remained back with the same old set of friends. I sure am an introvert but it's not like I don't want any friends. In fact, I'd rather be an extrovert seeing how happy they all are. Even if the extroverts aren't that close to their friends, they still have someone to share their feelings with. Sometimes, when I'm free I just feel lonely and wish I'd made more friends just so that I would get called for weekend plans. But now I just sit there at one place whole day, among rhe 4 walls, deciding what to even do apart from work or study. Yesterday I realised I can't even do anything apart from that because I don't have anyone to talk to, except some of my old friends but I want to make more and new ones. It's not like I don't want to hang out with my old friends but they got their own friends now and I just feel pathetic calling them.
How do I stop being like this?
How to get over crippling social anxiety man? Even going to the store is a battle for me.
i saw one wasp in my room today, killed it because it was me or it. then i saw another wasp which entered the room, maybe it was looking for the dead one. then i went out of the room and found their nest. i feel so bad now, even though i am an asshole all the other times. what do?
How do I cope
>be me >go to global right wing image boards/forums >everyone hated indians >go to global left wing image boards/forums >same result.jpg >go to indian right wing image boards/forums >everyone hates jats >go to indian left wing image boards/forums >same result again >go to jat forums >everyone is a circlejerking retards who believes they are somehow greek tfw I can't stand the internet
Nostalgic music
Anons, which songs remind you of your childhood? one of mine is Ram di Dam
how many users on this board?
I talked to my brother as to why he is avoiding coming back home, after some prodding he said it was because of the constant tension in my household He has abandoned ship I so, so wish that I could do the same thing, but I just love my parents so much and if I left my mother would most likely not survive Why does it have to be like this No other friend of mine has to endure their mother's constant psychotic and depressive attacks They seem so happy, not a care in the world
Suffering ends here
I am a kallej student My only goal is to study I dont care muh social life, must enjoy blah blah young life shit Stay fit, stay healthy Will study hard Deleted all social media
Me gayab sa honrha hu
any non-bimaru (esp if you're a northener) here ever had a bimaru friend? do you feel like there is always something insidious about them, even when they are super friendly to you? feel like even though they're good sport, good banter and all that shit etc and understand a lot of things about life aka not as sheltered as some other people, they always pussy out on having a full on honest conversation. maybe it's a result of them living in a low trust society but even though they are eager on getting a lot of shit out of you by asking lot of questions they never share their side of the story and the most they ever say is "yeah i too had something similar happen". whenever you have a convo with a masculine person they are always forthright and not shy to get into things with you, somehow don't see this trait in a bimaru person. Anyone else feel this way?
>open internet >see women are angry about men confessing their feelings to her >slide down a bit >see women saying that why men don't share their feelings with them, claiming the reason is toxic masculinity what the fuck is wrong w/ women. i am never going to talk to any woman other than my mom in my life.
send aytida dan syster archive
Wish i had the guts to rope, i dont want to do this anymore man
Guys what is your opinion on 2 stroke bikes?
I am gonna buy an RX100 as a project bike next week, I wanna convert it into a dirt bike when I can afford it, but I really don't have any idea about how I should go about it.
I am trying not to be NEET since 2019. How do i fix this? Living with parents. Overate like a pig
Natto yaar (or anyone else) do you happen to know anything about where to get english subs for touhou summer's day dream episode 4 i have the unsubbed version
You're not human. You're a being who is incapable of social intercourse. You're nothing but a creature, non-human and somehow strangely pathetic
I am beginning to despise my mom for the way she raised me. My stupid beta male dad has a hand it too but I feel that since most kids spend a majority of their developmental years with their mothers, they have a bigger influence on them Yes, i completely understand that i am an adult now, so whatever shortcomings i have, I am to work on them myself. By no means am i blaming it on her. The poor thing got forced into marriage and then was forced to have children.Her life has been so painful, so naturally it falls on her son to turn it all around and make it all good for her. Also if not, then i am a failure. The entire purpose of my existence is to support her and if i don’t make her life better then i might as well be dead. For how can a boy, whose mother tried to kill herself while pregnant, who starved herself out of depression while being pregnant, beat him as child out frustrations in her own life, has zero employable skills, next to no social skills, with a husband who is a beta male who has been a neet himself from the age of 40 till 55- can fail to be the prodigy? beats me, certainly something is wrong with the boy.Why was he not able to grow up like the rest of the kids? never seems to be able to hold his own and have his shit together, I mean he twenty fucking three years old!!! Why is he so useless? idk……but yeah it is all his fault. That’s for sure.
Anyone else here after the faggotry in b? Yaar I just wanted to post a nice thread.
Fiat 118NE Project
goys, I wanna old fiat 118ne sooo bad Im gonna coom. I wanna buy it then make it a long term project car. Its RWD and that alone makes me love it so much.
Automotive thread.
Can anyone tell me their preference of the best cruiser bike? Im a sucker for Jawa Perak, but it seems irrational. Even apart from the pillion option. I know bobbers arent meant for pillion, but are there any awesome single seater cruisers, which can be added with pillion and are safe?
Do you ever feel like you're intruding on other people's social circle? Like you think about trying to socialize and make new friend but knowing that most groups already have an established social dynamic you get intimidated and just give up.
iss board ko mat marne do yaaro
WEBM thread!
Post feel webm bros!
Anyone here have schizophrenia where you hear bhangi voices all the time?
The school I was in reopened I see kids wearing that uniform I instinctively try to find familiar faces Phir yaad aata hai saala 5 saal pehle graduate ho gaye I wish I could be a schoolboy again Life was always shit but it was better in school
>dislike people >still have to be around them
v-tec kicked in yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
Guys i want an old Honda City, to tune and rice damn
Your first steps towards becoming a better person
Not letting things affect you is a simple characteristic to acquire, but it's basically a superpower. When you realise that trivial things won't affect you a couple of days from now, and that there's no point in letting things like that get into your psyche, everyday life becomes much easier. You'll realise that you're much more inclined to think about things that would matter in the long run, and you'll be more inclined to work on yourself to become a well rounded, better person. It's like what we were told as children - if you run from a dog, it will chase you. If you give the dog (the problem, in this case) a reaction, the problem will revert back at you, knowing that you're affected by it. It will consume you. In contrast, if you deal with the problem in stride, keeping a calm mind and thinking about it carefully, it'll be much easier to solve it and you won't be mentally taxed. Learn to pick your battles. Realise that you don't need to prove yourself to everyone you encounter. It is alright to back off when you know the pay-off won't be worth the struggle. The only people who go through all struggle with all their might are mediocre, dumb people. Lastly, realise that being unaffected by trivial things does not mean having no emotion. It is human to show feelings, no matter what kind. But remember, feelings are a *part* of who you are, and they should never consume your identity. With this, I wish you all the best to start your journey towards becoming the person that deep down, you've always wanted to be.
Anyone ever think your parents are trying to poison you to sacrifice you to daemons or something? I'm talking about psychological poisoning to cause soduku
Daily Stoic
I Will post stoic quotes daily.
Join the unofficial XMPP server: password: 18dota2 Anonymity granted, Tor support available,
Good thread
Anons how was your day? When was the last time you had a leisure trip? Kuch interesting batao
my attention span is fucked up & i cant concentrate on anything. i am in a constant state of confusion & have a hard time making up my mind. even deciding what to do in my free time is something i am unable to do. Is there a way out of this ? i feel like my mind is rotting.
Man help
Exams in one month, prepared a schedule to study for 13 hours day. 5 days in and have already wasted 13 hours today. How do I tackle like this as a man?
Gita Sloks daily
कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन, मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भूर्मा ते सङ्गोऽस्त्वकर्मणि।। (भागवत गीता: अध्याय दो पद 47) "Sri Krishna said: You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action. Never consider yourself the cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not doing your duty."
First post
Doston how to effectively become the quiet type like the protagonist of drive (Ryan Gosling waala) or the protagonist of rebels of the neon god pic rel. You know the guy who dosent talk much, does the work he's meant to do (studying) and is overall a social outcast. As for me I'm nailing the third step but I cannot keep my mouth and always feel the need to prove myself. I waste my time debating online and thus can't study. How to become a strong willed lonely person like pic rel.
Day General
A thread to go through day , whether you are working or a neet , write whatever you feel like. Vent, complain , act like a retard & enjoy if you can. I am currently at work trying to act like I am occupied with something just so I don't get assisgned any actual work.
i will never be happy
i deeply love my mom. you can say the only reason i am still alive is due to the brief moments of happiness when I see my mom happy. it pains me that majority of the weeks, my parents are arguing and my asshole dad doesnt even cares if my mom is doing ok or not. every second is so painful it makes me cry. even during the brief joyful periods, i am always running calculations inside my mind to avoid any arguments between my parents. when i am away, this is what i think of. i will never be happy and i am so tired
this is the first time i'm seeing this board
College is most probably opening in 1 month. I wasted my whole year man. What am I supposed to do? Leave that, I'm ashamed of my physique (is that what you call body dysphoria). Skilly, chinlet, jawlet manlet who can't speak to people. I am scared asf man. I shouldn't be but when I think about that my hands start trembling, it sends chills down my spine. I am worthless unironically. How the fuck should I gather myself and face everyone, since I have been disconnected from them, for around like 1 year before the lockdown started. It's been a long time and I don't feel good man. Haaaaaalp. 19 btw. First time going to college and haven't interacted with annyone during this whole time period.
How's your relationship with your parents anon? Were you abused as a child which led to your low self esteem? The answer is yes for me atleast.
wtf is this board for??????????
>Dude just study for 20 years then work like a donkey for another 25, hoarding materialistic things and then die bro, all according to His plan.
Uhh, Idk how to even put forward my feelings, man. I want to cry every moment of my life, I feel uneasiness, something like a light pain around my chest. Sometimes, I actually just have to hold my fucking chest to make it stop. I think that'd be the best moment to cry it all out, if that'll help (Idk If I want to cry tbh). Cry is symbolism for venting out. I don't know how to do it, how to vent to someone, to whom. It's just like I'm repressing what I feel every second of my life inside myself. Recently, I'm becoming short tempered, not towards anyone else but I just need to fucking hit something, sometimes It's just things in front of me, sometimes It's just me. I have bitten myself. Man, I abuse every fucking one around me in my heart. I feel ashamed to say, even my mom. I hate everyone. But I love them at the same time. I love them more than myself. Especially my mom. I know without her, I wouldn't be anywere. But It just a momentarily lose of control where my true self slips and I just lose the face I have maintained in front of everyone. Tf should I do. It's all so fucking tiresome.
indian masculinity
alright lads, i've been encouraged to post this here despite personally thinking it's a bad idea. i'm an NRIgger born and raised in the west. over the past few months i've been on and off hooking up with an indian girl who only came to the US recently. a few days ago we were talking and we somehow got to the topic of dating and marriage and she said that she could never see herself marrying an indian man from her state/caste like her family wants her to. i asked why and she basically started telling me that it's not just her state, but indian men in general she can't stand dating. we talked about indian girls too but i don't care about women and i'm interested in hearing what you, as mostly indian men still living in india, think about criticisms against indian men. i should add that she's not the first girl to tell me these things about indian men, but she is the first indian girl to talk to me in detail on why she doesn't like indian men. the critiques i've heard from women on why they don't like indian men are >very emotionally fragile >always want to hook up but judge girls for not being virgins >also literally, always want to hook up all the time. seemingly no control over sexual urges. >will judge girls for smoking, drinking, doing drugs despite doing all of those things to try and impress the very same girl >materialistic, will buy specific brands and expensive things for the sake of spending money >get angry, hostile if you reject them >petty and prone to gossip >never use deodorant (pretty much every says this about indians though) >unable to flirt >unable to text/chat/call. i've heard it described as indian guys will always pester girls if they don't respond to a text/chat within like 5 mins. >no interest in maintaining looks/fitness/general health >don't care for loyalty and building relationships, seem to use parents arranging a marriage for them as a fallback if things ever go wrong >super into their family's caste/historical status and the type of employment their family members have. will judge a girl if her mom or cousin or pet isn't of a certain caste or has a "bad" job. essentially, indian men are not seen as masculine. so what do you think? are these girls being fair or have they had the misfortune of dating a string of shitty indians? and again, these points are describing both indian men in the west and indian men in india. the stereotypes and characteristics of the two are surprisingly not really different at all.
- bodily issues go away easily with medicines and discipline - mental issues go away easily by looking after the elderly. thought you guys might appreciate it.
how r fellow anons holding up ?
i hate porn, bros
Not bc it's unreal but bc I crave a person after watching it. It reminds me of how alone I am, despite being an avg looking guy. last night this happened: > feel horny > open hub > category = romantic (as it is closer to realistic and intimacy) > breakdown bc no waifu > no tears bc that's how men cry > sleep to get further away from reality as night is evil and wake up next day as if nothing happened previous night, no feels. my lifestyle, views and the way I talk make people think of me as a Chad somehow.
When was the high point of your life? For me it was back in college, when I was in school I studied in a college of rich kids and prodigies so I was bottom tier there in hierarchy but both in studies as well as social standing(Well kinda average in studies, getting somewhere in 70s and 80s consistently but its nothing worth bragging about in a school that has students who scores top 100 in national entance exams). Barring my distant cousin I have no contact with anyone from the school I studied for 14 years and none of them ever really considered me a friend except maybe one guy who suddenly called me back. But as soon as I changed to a tier 3 enginigger college, things changed drastically. I IQ mogged tf out of everyone in my class being one of the top performer there and I had people eager to befriend me and people started to ship me with random girls in the class and I could have gotten a gf if I had lowered my standards and dated one of the chamarinas there. Also everyone was comparatively as rich as I was. Now that I am out of college for years, I think my life is back on track to where I was in school years. Just another random guy who don't stand out in my work place.
Maladaptive Daydreaming aka MD, is a psychiatric condition causing a person to have prolonged & intense daydreams, be it intentional or unintentional, leading to negligence towards day-to-day tasks/responsibilities & distraction from real life. A person having this condition may experience trouble in concentrating on task at hand or have reduced attention span, difficulty in completing everyday activities, difficulty in sleeping, have an uncontrollable urge to daydream constantly- to name a few symptoms. Until now experts haven’t been able to pin-point the exact reason for such a behavior but a person having this condition might possibly also have depression, social anxiety & attention deficiency. Maladaptive Daydreaming is therefore used as a coping mechanism. It was identified by Prof. Eliezer Somer of the University of Haifa in Israel. For more information on the subject refer to the links mentioned below- MD in a nutshell Somer’s YT Channel for detailed information on MD *Please note that MD is not officially recognized as a mental disorder, it is merely a psychiatric condition upon which research is being done. There is no proper diagnosis of this condition as well so refrain from jumping to any stupid conclusions. ITT Anons who have such tendencies may share their experiences or just discuss MD in general.
Pushing depressed losers to suicide
I didn't know it was THAT easy to get people to kill themselves. Literally sending anonymous "kill yourself" messages to depressed people was enough. I managed to kill 3 people. Lmao. Ghar bethe bethe serial killer ban gaya hoon.
How to NOT be afraid of death? I don't believe in reincarnation cope btw.
This doesnt show up in switch board
Yesterday All my troubles seemed so far away Now it looks as though they're here to stay Oh, I believe in yesterday Suddenly I'm not half the man I used to be There's a shadow hangin' over me Oh, yesterday came suddenly Why she had to go, I don't know, she wouldn't say I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday Yesterday Love was such an easy game to play Now I need a place to hide away Oh, I believe in yesterday Why she had to go, I don't know, she wouldn't say I said something wrong, now I long for yesterday Yesterday Love was such an easy game to play Now I need a place to hide away Oh, I believe in yesterday Mm mm mm mm mm mm mm
Yaar I am always scared that everyone will leave me I can't build affinity with anyone because in my mind I know that we will part ways some time down the road I am not even talking about girls, just friends Everyone I like seems to disappear. My childhood friend circle: gone. Everyone still lives near my home but doesn't meet up at all or stay in contact. Same with highschool friends. I am in college now so presently have friends but after I graduate, who knows if I'll even have an acquaintance, or just live life like a lonesome nigger and die in mediocrity. Seems like the only thread that connects me to them is the fact that we are studying in the same institute or living in the same place, because after that is done they seem like total strangers and I ask "why will they even talk to me".
I'm so fucking tired of this shit. Like severe social anxiety wasn't enough for me and then this shit happened. It's been years since I felt something, no pleasure or excitement or curiosity. I'm taking my last antipsychotic med, if this doesn't works then I'm going for ketamine induced therapy. If that also doesn't do something, then rope is the only way.
So after all that whinning , this board is like the most dead & unvisited board on this website. No one, who actually wanted this board bothered to fucking use it for what it was made or atleast tried to keep this alive....SIGH
How do atheists kill themselves, knowing there is no afterlife? People kill themselves for such shit reasons I can't understand what's wrong with them. The fear of death is absent in them or what?
do you agree with the assessment that the modern man is "aimless?" i think a lot of people are overwhelmed by having the technology and means to do anything but the there are economic and societal pressures that say only certain career paths are acceptable.
i've neveer had a job and i don't think i can ever be motivated enough to be a wageslvae. what do?
pepe thread finally!
I have no interest in living but no interest in dying either, what to do?
how old are you and what's your relationship status? i'm nearing 30 and i fell for the education meme. i wish i started a family out of high school instead of wasting all my time in a library.
how to develop genuine interest in things ? if its not forced, then why dont i have any? i used to think i was into reading but i have only read 2 books this year & before that even though i used to read 2-3 books a month ,it just an escape -it stopped people from bothering. it was a nice barrier . also, the thing that bugs me the most is, i used have good english & was able to write shit of the top my head quickly but, as the years have gone by i have feel like i have lost the ability to do so. now, i simply obsess on everything i write / type or say & feel like i am making some sought of grammatical error / or not framing what i want to say in proper sentences.

so basically , what i am trying to say is that my only interest(which i thought it was) seems to not be true & i feel i as if i like doing absolutely nothing.
Dead board alert. CPR!! CPR!!. MEDIC MEDIC
What did you do on farewell from you're school was it worth it?

I didn't attend mine played vidya till late night then proceed to think where did i went wrong
But i would've went i would do pic related
Anyways share you're stories so zoom zooms wont do mistakes we did
RIP /man/
Is humanity dead? Anyone? No manuṣyatā left??
Anyone just find normal happy people off putting just because they are normal? Something about them sems fucked up that they are not atleast a bit upset at clownish state of the world. And they seem too social sometimes overly social like theyre high or something.
/b/ros/.... another week is about to start , not that things would change but , time slowly passes us by & we are stuck with no hope of life changing for the better... feels bad man.

>inb4 >>/man/

that board is dead & it never got the recognition it deserved.
/m/usic thread
Let's make it more fun. You post your tastes in music, what genres you like, and someone recommends a song to you from that genre. So its not too much outside what you Like, but still fresh.
>If they've heard the song suggest another or smth
Pic rel, I like punk, post punk
vent your frustrations here, i want to read what is making you angry
Just a random Wednesday night , & I am feeling like shit.
lets talk, the anon who made the r9k & dep thread on meta
i m drunk as hell , lets talk
how to stop being a self loathing man of inaction ? i want to go out & get my own. how to stop this cycle of not doing anything at all ? i just day dream all day & then the day ends. i feel like my life is devoid of any meaning , my existence is futile.
Anon do you have a crush? Whats her name? Do you plan on confessing to her?
I killed myself in the dream state last night.
consumed a bottle of pills like the pussy faggot that I am. Knees give way and I wake up as I collapse. What mean?
>tfw I'm now even dreaming of killing myself
I hope I don't wake up tomorrow and die in my sleep
relationship seethe thread
seeing teenagers having fun makes me seethe so much. the fear of being embarrassed made me never ever talk to girls. I've very bad social anxiety and can't talk to anyone. possibly I'll have to die alone.
>Im just like you,Anon!And I've been into two relationships before turning 20,have experienced teenage love and Sex,have a steady circle of friends consisting of 10+ people,drink alcohol,get invited to parties,travel to other countries on a monthly basis,go to concert,men constantly hitting on me,etc,but hey!but Im and unadjusted social outcaste weirdo such as YOURSELF!hee hee :D
Ded board already
To not let this board die, we gotta do something. Or it's just another useless board. Discuss ways to being traffic to inch
webm thread
dumping webm related to relationships, regret, and melancholy. first one is relationship.
Anons can i hope to find a aspie qt in India?
>never got an actual good education in college like linkrel
>pussied out of jee/cet when i had the chance and applied to a bottom of the barrel engineering College
>lost all contact with friends who are doing well in the West and graduating from IIT/nit/iiit and all
>childhood of thrice the horniness made me become known as a sly douchebag/creep in my community
>nothing that comes to mind that will help me find enjoyable-bearable employment after I graduate, or even help me find any way to get employers to give a rats ass about me
list your ragrets anons
Let's not add this board on the front page or the switch button. This will truly be a sekrit club for autists.
Checking features
2.aditya dan
Aditya Dan and nigga are not banned here
What about making a good playlist for ourselves, I mean, this board frens? Music is a good cope. You can make different playlists for different moods even. What say?
Do you guys stay awake all night? I'll be streaming at 5am, just some shit about the chan, and we'll talk about stuff. Let me know if anyone wants to talk on the stream
Is this board heendu friendly?
So... Anons , how do u suggest we bring more fags here ? Give websites that u think I should spam ?
We people of this board have to preserve its sanctity. We have to defend it from /pol/tards and wannabe edgy /b/ users.

BTW what should we call ourselves?