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Porn/gore is bannedLF12/11/2018 (Mon) 05:52:28610Reply
This announcement is mostly for the new users who didn't know about the noporn rule of ich 1.0 and 2.0. It is enforced here too.
If you really want to post porn/gore/explicit stuff, there is 4/b/ and a number of places. Also remember that asking for a nsfw board is completely fine.
Pic unrelated
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anon30/11/2018 (Fri) 16:21:36672Reply
retard some uk flaggot has been spamming gay porn all over the board and nobody has removed it.
it has stayed for 1 day
anon30/11/2018 (Fri) 19:31:52674Reply
Originally I was just posting brappers
anon01/12/2018 (Sat) 07:20:00675Reply
You ere spamming it all over the board instead of posting in one thread and shutting theup.
anon01/12/2018 (Sat) 13:15:13676Reply
Also what makes you feel so entitled retard.
anon18/01/2019 (Fri) 05:31:58734Reply
based dutch gentleman

raging barbarian
Mods are you alive?anon14/02/2019 (Thu) 12:54:54774Reply
This place looks dead af and none of you have contacted in such a long time
#Ru4WcYAdmin21/02/2019 (Thu) 06:44:30798Reply
Yes, we are here. Please be patient while rusty bring new features.
We need more people, but not normies.anon15/02/2019 (Fri) 14:06:22776Reply
How about we do a large scale pamphlet distribution at our respective places. If you guys agree on it lets doit together in the month of April.
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anon18/02/2019 (Mon) 03:31:25786Reply
>they can't take anything
Okay I can agree on that
BTW these days they are thinking of migrating to some indian version of twitter after all the bias. Some are promoting something called gutrgoo. It's a phone app so I don't think it'll succeed
anon18/02/2019 (Mon) 06:37:47787Reply
Twatter is the worst. They are the worst kind of retarded NPCs who can't seem to even entertain an idea that goes against their programmed bhaktnignog brains. And I consider myself a RW conservative. They are not good just because most of them agrees with you politically. Reminder that twatterbhangis have tried to shut the old site down because some one joked about dravida nadoo.
Just advertise to Indian flaggots/posters, PM to good contributors in Reddit and Youtube(like that RajaC guy who knows history well or that that guy named UncleBen or something who knows defense and army info well) instead.
anon20/02/2019 (Wed) 18:10:27792Reply
Okay I can agree. It is true that they cannot tolerate any differing opinions either
anon20/02/2019 (Wed) 21:38:33795Reply
Big nono for twatar, normies are lurking there and will bring nothing but massive pain int he backside to this already half dead website.
anon20/02/2019 (Wed) 21:41:08796Reply
So mission statement here -
1. Spam best sources of Intellectual faggs.
2. No twatar, 9gaeg, chacha ka ladka.
3. If possible, find the intelcfags in your area and ask them to waste their braincells on this website.
Beautiful girls for sex in your cityVincentJup20/02/2019 (Wed) 19:13:49794Reply
The best girls for sex in your town:
anon20/02/2019 (Wed) 19:12:11793Reply
Admin, please check your mails.
/fit/!anon20/02/2019 (Wed) 05:04:34789Reply
It's about time.
anon20/02/2019 (Wed) 06:14:19790Reply
>On dead chan
anon20/02/2019 (Wed) 16:12:50791Reply
Apun ka time aayega
New board ideaanon02/02/2019 (Sat) 15:08:30759Reply
/int/ would be nice, unless /b/ already is kind of an int. Looking forward to frequent this fine site because of my love of india.
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anon06/02/2019 (Wed) 19:06:32765Reply
is it man. isn't there way to restart it maybe ?
anon06/02/2019 (Wed) 19:48:14766Reply
Well, this Indiachan 3.0
Maybe we can try again
anon06/02/2019 (Wed) 19:53:30767Reply
Its been dead like 2 times already. Now its just a mangled corpse animated to life in hopes of coming back to its old lively self.
anon06/02/2019 (Wed) 19:54:23768Reply
Also lynxchan a shit, unlike lungoot's old comfy simplechan
anon19/02/2019 (Tue) 13:53:57788Reply
I for one welcome our new based German friend.
I don't know how the idea of an /int/ board on a country specific chan would play out, though.
Beautiful women for sex in your townVincentJup16/02/2019 (Sat) 07:39:56780Reply
Find yourself a girl for the night in your city:
Is it dead already or are we dragging it till it restarts ?anon06/02/2019 (Wed) 19:05:21764Reply
I discovered this Indian 4chan type site recently but also discovered that it is closed by the admin so just wanted to confirm.
anon06/02/2019 (Wed) 20:10:14769Reply
'Indiachan' have been around since July 2016(Although most of the traffic only came since October 2016)
I don't know how many oldfags are left here but back then there used to individual boards for states too.
By october they were all scraped because of low traffic and since November it was discovered by redditors and since then the traffic kept increasing. But the place became a hub for hatred and toxicity that would make /pol/ jealous and so much infighting that made /int/ infighting threads look friendly conversation which the old admin didn't like so he shut down the site somewhere in mid 2017(it was really bunch of autist shitposters arguing which caste/region was the best).
He again started it in December 2017 but the same shit happened which led to him shutting it again in mid 2018.
Now the current Indiachan is not from the same guy(and even runs on a different board engine, the original ran on the engine lungoot himself wrote while this run on a modified css mod of although lungoot gave the domain to rusty(the current admin).
Yeah this place is pretty much dead, I feel like I am the only oldfag in here, looks like most of the old posters have given up hope and stopped posting at all. Even /pol/ and /b/ moves at the speed of 1 post/day.
anon07/02/2019 (Thu) 08:26:21770Reply
Vimanapilot, is that you bro?
anon07/02/2019 (Thu) 10:04:59771Reply
anon10/02/2019 (Sun) 02:19:01773Reply
>Implying any 'oldfags' want to be here and interact with mad children
anon15/02/2019 (Fri) 14:13:02777Reply
You need to train us normiefags, don't go away like this grandfag
Range block Pakistani IP addressesanon14/10/2018 (Sun) 18:52:55354Reply
It's obvious that r/India went to shit because many of the power users there are actually Pakistani divide & conqut provocateurs pretending to be Indians. should block Pakistani IP addresses. Also block free proxies and VPNs.
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anon16/12/2018 (Sun) 17:57:25711Reply
Lol those can easily be fooled. Just like I am doing right now
anon25/12/2018 (Tue) 02:13:03722Reply
Thats why proxies and VPNs should be bannes. TOR exit nodes should also be banned.
anon16/01/2019 (Wed) 00:56:45733Reply
niggas be autistic as fuck smh
anon29/01/2019 (Tue) 11:19:46749Reply
How are you going to ban the Pakistanis who are living in India tho?
anon15/02/2019 (Fri) 14:03:06775Reply


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