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Chrzdrz please ban the coomers from /b/. If you can't do that tell rusty to add a /coom/ board to segregate these bhangis. See for yourself, /b/ rn is just these retards posting their foids screenshotted from instagram and other soycial media. Inch /b/ was not for this
H 2 chek if band or not
New to India Chan
Hello peasants of India Chan, This is your lord from the high culture trad twitter front, help your new kvng with preliminary know how, how do i make this site more interesting for me.
why don't we have a Fitness head here on india chan, cmon niggas add it. mods do it
Ban this nigger for being underaged, delete all the threads for doxxing.
image without consent delete
There is sea pea on the front page of /yoga/ for the past 1 day.
Standing long jump thread disappeared
Yesterday around 9-10 am I made a thread on /b/ about my progress or lack thereof at standing long jump. Now I can't find it. It was less than 24 hours old and there's still 2 days old threads up on the catalog so it didn't get bumped out of the catalog. Why was it deleted?
are redditors deliberately coming here to make low quality shitposts to fill this site with worthless noise
pull the plug it's over
Employer asking for original documents as a security
My sister interviewed for a hr role in a IT company she was selected but in the end company was for original documents to be submitted as a security. She denied the request. What are actions that we can take? Please help
Pajeet jannies in 4chan fucking banned me my broadband, my first sim, second sim all banned north indians are literal hive minded nepotist insects that needs to be banned and genocided
ban the urdufags from /b/ chrzdrz one liners in urdu are tolerable but i don't see the point of allowing dehati bimarus to write walls of urdu. You will see that most of the cringe comes from these posters. Pretty sure they are all newfags from twatter or samaj
Why did you delete my gangrape thread? Are you deleting incel threads about killing women too? Fuck you jannies.
Bhangi jannie reason to de ban ka kis chiz ki appeal likhu me. Randike 2 saal se posting kr rha hu, ye krega ab mere saath
Ye dhan band hogya kyaboss. It saying 404error wrong captcha n shid but doesnt happen on anyother board
was the site dead?
Thread Archiving System on INCH
Can we have a native archive system in indiachan? If not archiving system, then a button which archives the thread on like website?
Unironic CCP and Sharia shill
How about making a combined board for video games, music,etc. ? Can also add /a/ into it since it is dead most of the time.
There's literal gay porn up on /pol/ for 5 hours now.
where iz he???
In honour of Brigader Om Prakash Mishra of the Bimaru BVLL regiment for successful cyber attack on Pakistan we must immortalise his legacy by making him a banner of this pro-nation website. t.South Delhi anon
Weebs are literally the worst posters of this chan (with an exception of one or two), to the point that their posts reek of a facebook bimaru coomer comment section. If chrzrdz cares about quality control >>>/meta/9595 why is he allowing these subhumans to shit up every second thread?
Indiachan software update
Indiachan will be unusable for 30 minutes starting 6am IST (tomorrow morning) because of software update & server maintenance.

Till then, you can try out new chan software here:
Please dont allow fileless posts on /g/. Its' just people asking for the same advice again and again. Currently 1/3 of the catalog is file-less
How come so many guys here post via VPN? If they have so much money why are they here
/b/ is filled with /pol/niggers and their we wuzzing do something already janny
Is the entirety of smellu land range banned after the election results? No matter how much I IP hop I can't post in here while I was able to post with a VPN.
how to unhide threads? I was browsing /a/ and accidentally hid a thread. Can't find it anymore
Make a containment board for JEEfags/NEETcels to stop them from shitting up /b/.
why does losersatan hate tomboy big sister threads so much? why is he so pathetic and dumb?
So there is lots of talk here about muh quality and dalited threads, where jannies selectively dalits threads where they dalit threads made by weebs gushing at some 2D slut while allowing similar threads from coomers gushing about some tiktok slut or the many >tfw no gf threads that flood the board and so on or exam preparation threads. My proposal and solution to all of this and help jannies resolve this dilemma whether to treat /b/ as some general board or as a random/offtopic board is to reframe the /b/ board to a general /lounge/ or /cafe/ board similar to the one in sushichan so the janny can enforce the "quality" rule and dalit low quality waifu, coomer, jee, gf and good morning threads and we can make a new /others/ or /trash/ board to contain threads such as those that has rules similar to /b/ board to contain all low quality shitposts.
>quality control on an imageboard Since when Indiachan became Reddit?
80% of my post get deleted in less than 24 hours while other coomer thread are still alive. Jannies are joke.
Chamaretard banned me for posting this image. Im not the op in this image btw
Faggot commienigger is spamming unrelated posts in unrelated thread in an unrelated board.
now now now tell me why was this thread deleted. Which rule did it exactly break, chamarizard? you are using your mod powers to prevent people from shitting on you. my question to my inch bros, are you all fine with this? blatant misuse of his position to save himself. At this rate, very soon he will start banning people for calling him a 'janny'
/b/ pe mera fighting games ka thread konsa rule tod raha thha janny bhaiya?
So chrzdrz banned picrel but other coomer threads are still up. It proves that he has the time and notices these threads but deliberately doesn't removes them Anyone knows who this chamarizard exactly is? What is his age? Wagie or not?
instachamars spamming 3dpds all over /b/ but mods won't do shit
chrzrdz why isn't this thread deleted??? Op is clearly making fun of a suicide victim and you have not taken any action? Your hypocrisy must end.
This website sucks. This website is deliberately poorly moderated because the mods know what kind of audience it mostly has. Without all the vile shit on here it would die. This is a shithole and yall chose to rot
Anyone else banned again for no reason? I am ):
chutiya janny koch toh kam karo bc
wtf rusty retard fix your shitty posting system I am unable to post after 10 consecutive tries always with some retarded 404 or #[object Object] error
>Indiachan does not use ads or tracking >Indiachan does not use ads or tracking >Indiachan does not use ads or tracking
How bout we make a board just for being racist and antisecular? /pol/ and /b/ would be a lot cleaner then. And our chan will be more edgy.
Naya jaggu banner size
New jaggu banner dosto
banner submission thread
Submit banners for the different boards of this chan in this thread. Use these logos (or make your own!) and submit the best autistic artistic banners that anyone has seen. Mods are finally adding banners so the chances of your banner appearing has drastically increased.
what the fuck is problem chrzrdz? why exactly are you banning people left and right for no fucking reason. you are not the owner, you're just a dirty little janitor. Stay in your limits
/pol/ is an echo chamber
Madarchod mods deleted my slightly left leaning thread
Lk anon here
Our government are trying to swipe Easter Sunday Attack under the carpet. Politicians are blaming other countries, military, even each others for it's responsibility. Government won't reveal about master mind behind the attack. I think it has something to do withe the conspiracy about current government being friends with the attackers. But for now some leaked information(or another conspiracy) said that the leader of the attack group is from Dubai. That's all I know. So guys, can you help me with some information about this?
One of those days, some semi popular randi is going to tweet about inch and how she got "harassed" and shit. The media is going to eat it up like a pig eats shit. Unkills will call for a ban. And the calls will be answered. A website ban doesn't affect me because I use VPN but I hope inch isn't hosted in India. onion network pe website kab layega be rusty?
What is pornographic about this image? It is just a girl wearing underwear.
Banned from /b/ why? Literally just posted copy pasta and cat girl. Admins == Badmins
Why am I banned from /b/ now? The only thread I made today was[object%20Object] There's nothing bannable inside. Jannies mad because I am getting female attention and they are not?
Petition for inch /trv/ - travel board.
Petition for a new travel board for inch. >inb4 use /b/ No, travel board with little effort can be converted at places where people can share their suggestions, opinions and dedicated threads about each state which normally will get hidden or outright pushed out of the boards. India has so many great places that it's no brainer to have a dedicated board for travel. Please do it yaawwr, i spent 2 hours trying to make jaggu then make this banner for just this request. Also, thanks op of this thread for the good pics, >>>/pol/>>283044
Admin please add nsfw channel
Add nsfw channel
newfag here, how to use this 4chan clone bros I'm tired of reyarded 4chan twinks, 30;of that website is horny, 20 percent is tranny and edgelords, and 50 of that website are poltards or either /adv/ doomers, not to mention 100% of that website is unironically racist which is kinda cringe
Am i banned
Are the mods confirmed pedo now? Why is there now a surge of cp on /b/? The last cp bot thread is still up
indiachan backend source code open source when
indiachan backend source code open source when
Why is Indachan not so active as 4chan?
I mean we have so much population with internet still this image board site is not so active.
delete this i am on nofap yaar
What the fuck is this captcha?
Petition to make /bheem/ board
Dear rusty, I represent the aspirations of 300 million people, a section of Indian populations that still lacks representation in online spaces due to absence of dedicated means where fruitful discussion can be made without prejudice and bigotry. Hence, it is a humble request from bottom of my heart to create a board where fellow Dalits can ponder over the current and the future state of our community and discuss the philosophy of BR Ambedkar I hope my requests bear fruit Regards A Dalit
free indiachan 무료 인도 찬 anti indiachan protests of 2016 2016년 인도찬 반대 시위 the lungoot massacre 폐허 학살 inch involvement in BrahMos 인치 브라모스 공격 the anti reddit struggle 안티 레딧 투쟁 great state board war 위대한 국가 보드 전쟁 rusty and his goons 러스티와 그의 부하들 obty 뻔뻔한 lungoot harrasment incident 폐허 성추행 사건 anti rust layer force 녹슬지 않는 층 힘 stuti khandelwala study room 스투티 칸델왈라 서재 loli fapper arrest 로리 패퍼 체포 great janitor reset 위대한 청소부 리셋 3b is girl 3b 소녀 free dom 자유 rustyXdoval 러스티엑스도발 modi visits of 2018 2018년 모디 방문 jannie wage incident 제니 임금 chanmod rapes satan chan-mod는 사탄을 강간 bollyoodgate 볼리우드게이트 savita bhabhi 규칙(조사하지 않음) enna poda는안나는 똥을 날리고 지체 때문에 우주로 보내졌다 petrol bombs /pol/의 휘발유 폭탄 아밋 샤 팬픽 녹슨 게시 된 섹스 러스티는 권력을 잡기 위해 룽구트를 죽였다 중앙수사국과 협력하는 인디아찬 룽구트 안티 내셔널
Send Them Back to Reddit
Cut all connections from plebbit. How is this site infested with so many pre pubescent kids? Explains why there are so many brain dead posts, and also, it makes this site not much better than plebbit, only difference being teenies feel cool and rebellious because they can use slurs they otherwise aren't allowed to. Fucking ban em, jannies, do your job.
Too many offtopic threads
Why don't mods delete offtopic threads? I have reported many offtopic threads but they are still up >>>/pol/262185 This thread for example has nothing to do with politics And 1/10th of /pol/ catalog is olympic threads which belong in /ent/ not /pol/
Why janny like this?
>>8951 >JannX running to 4chan to download anime waifu pics for that epic comeback XDDDD
implement a blacklist filter to hide posts containing certain words.
Request to kick all the bamans, jhaants, poodavs and bhangis. Blaady ban them. I'm fucking tired of these insects
4chan-x & Kuroba don't work on this site
Is there a way to filter out namefags and non-Indian flag on /pol/
Indiachan owner no more.
Rusty was found unconscious at a hotel in Ganja, Azerbaijan by the local police. He was immediately rushed to the local hospital. Reports indicate that Rusty had overdosed on fentanyl. Rusty was clinically obese, reports say he weighed over 200kgs. He had recently undergone penis removal surgery, which didn't go well and was reportedly depressed & devastated due to that. He was declared dead by the doctors, when he arrived at the hospital.
Why was this thread deleted? Why was I banned?
>User Rusty banned the posters of the following threads: 314843 from board /b/ permanently with reason "". >User Rusty deleted the following threads: 314843 and the following posts: 314843/314847, 314843/314851, 314843/315025 from board /b/. The thread I posted last night was deleted and I was banned. I thought I must have broken a rule for that to happen. So I went to read the rules and i found out I didn't break any rules. >You will not upload, post, discuss, request, or link to anything that violates the local law There was nothing in my thread that violated local law >You will not upload any pornographic or violent content There was no pornographic or violent content in my thread. The thread had 3 media files. One was a gif of clapping hands, other was the stomach of an anon and one was a 5-10 second video of a fully clothed human male doing a push-up. None of that was even remotely pornographic >You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are under the age of 18 I am not under 18 >You will not post or request personal information ("dox") or calls to invasion ("raids") I never posted or requested personal information or calls to invasion in that thread >No spamming or flooding of any kind. No intentionally evading spam or post filters There was no spamming or flooding of any kind in my thread. Neither was there any attempt to evade spam or post filters >Advertising (all forms) is not welcome—this includes any type of referral linking, "offers", soliciting, begging, stream threads, etc I didn't advertise anything in that thread >The use of scrapers, bots, or other automated posting or downloading scripts is prohibited I didn't use any scrapers or bots. So why was my thread deleted? I want answers Rusty
Rusty deleting posts
What was the problem with this thread? Struck a nerve? mention of Jewish opportunism?
Let's be honest
this website is literally reddit at this point. Shouldn't have brought it back up
yo rusty why was the website down for so long
/v/ board ?
add a /v/ board so we can discuss vidya
Indian Startups
Which Indian startups do you think will blow up in the next five years?
Make Pic related a banner Janny
Rusty disable R9K mate!
I want to post some of my jaggu collection but it's not letting users to repost it. Also, max filesize is not really working for more than 1mb files.
Why not just shut the shitty site down? Can't post a single reply without some stupid errors showing up and this has been happening for days
Madarchod mod. BC mera yokoyama yui wala thread kyu delete kara be. Bhen ke lode. Khujli ha kya tujhe.
what does kino even mean
/pol/ is being brigaded by the same retard(s) who spammed 'CHINTU' and locked multiple boards two months ago. My inference is based on their writing style, selection of topics, mental breakdown and resort to spamming when they have nothing left to say.
time to nill
>same 20 autists that come here daily >shit captcha that you cant refresh >site missing important features >same 2 idli enjoyers in /ent/ >same 1 poster in /yoga/ >/man/ doesn't even exist >retards shitpost /pol/ threads on /b/ and /b/ threads on /pol/ >same 2 'heendu' trash baiters who then turn on vpn and roleplay as pakistani >no fresh memes >/pol/ debaters haven't read any history books aside from their school curriculum >/a/ dead, /g/ might as well be dead, /dhan/ dead >no raiding allowed >uploading anything more than 1mb size will make the site shit itself It's pretty clear to everyone that rusty has no desire/money to grow this site, and I think it's mainly cause the fag is too scared of any attention cause his retarded ass still hasn't learned how to run a chan site, so why tf are you even trying to maintain it?
what the fuck is this captcha don't distort it so much niggers, lost brain cells tryna figure it out
kya bawaseer hai yeh
>R9K has prevented you from posting this picture
chrzrdz nigger behaviour
so this photograph is allowed on fucking Instagram. it's posted on /biz/ all the time but it's not allowed here? or is it the topic that is banned? fucking nigger.
Randi rusty, website has a bug that doesn't let poster post
Read this jannies. Whenever i try to post anything without vpn,....captcha appears but even after i enter it correctly my posts are not visible. This started happening when you fucktards destroyed the old chan with new shitty chan. FIX THIS PROBLEM! Remember when many people said that why posters are so less than usual? It's because of this, people can't post here without VPN! FIX THIS RANDI RUSTY!!
open letter to adminx and janniex of website indiachan
#random 5/31/2021 13:48 jjj joined the channel13:48 jjj sirs...13:49 jjj i have a proposal to make13:49 jjj dear janniex sirs,13:50 jjj please kindly remove the hourly thread limit and bump limit on boards13:50 jjj i hope you will do the needdfull janniex sirs13:50 jjj yours kindly13:50 jjj mr dr sir jjj
Delete the /a/, /yoga/, /dhan/ and /man/ boards. Nobody needs them. Most /a/ stuff can be discussed in /ent/ and /dhan/ stuff in /g/. And bhangis make /man/ threads in /b/ anyways. Use vanilla lynxchan, lynxchan mobile UI might have been terrible when you made the site but it has matured considerably ever since and the new iteration of this chan is worse than any of them. Just take a look at to see what vanilla lynxchan looks like. Also remove that frog logo. Use the simplechan logo and change the tab icon too to simplechan logo instead of that 4chan logo ripoff.
Rusty add a fucking /V/idya board and revive this shithole. I'm fucking begging, you motherfucker.
Reporting Thread
Please report instances of porn, illegal content, spam and off-topic posts in this thread.
PETITION- Rename indiachan to randikhana because all the bhangis here have sold their moms to NARENDRA DAMODARDAS MODI