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anon21/12/2018 (Fri) 11:07:162513Reply
>mfw /pol/tards are too low IQ to understand this video
anon21/12/2018 (Fri) 11:07:522514Reply
anon21/12/2018 (Fri) 11:11:052515Reply
>calls us low iq
>can't even link a YouTube video properly
anon16/02/2019 (Sat) 07:56:203189Reply
Oi m8 I m 150+iq guy.
anon20/02/2019 (Wed) 06:08:543338Reply
Damn, chankya was God tier.
anon15/02/2019 (Fri) 08:07:043172Reply
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anon17/02/2019 (Sun) 10:16:083255Reply

Mammootty is wonderful to work with: Mukesh Khanna
By - TNNDeepa SomanSep 10, 2014, 00:00 IST

Much before Krrish and Ra.One were born even in the minds of their makers, Indian kids had their own much loved superhero — Shaktimaan!
It might have been years since the series starring actor Mukesh Khanna got wrapped up, but Shaktimaan lives on, through many endearing usages like ‘Sorry Shaktimaan’ and ‘Thank You Shaktimaan’. The actor, who made the hero a legend recently stepped into the Malayalam film industry through Ajay Vasudevan’s Mammootty-starrer Rajadhiraja. Mukesh Khanna speaks to us about his Mollywood experience; the Shaktimaan impact; and more. Excerpts:
Did you enjoy working in a Malayalam film?
I am known for my dialogues and unless I have a good command over the language in which I am acting, I would not be confident about doing my best. That is why I have always been reluctant to take up offers from regional film industries. However, when the offer to act in Rajadhraja came my way, I could spot elements in it that made me comfortable. I play a long lost friend of Mammootty’s character, who meets him after many years. My character Sikander is a truck driver, and the truck’s name is Shaktimaan (laughs). All my dialogues in the movie are in Hindi.
The film’s crew also wanted me to dance for a catchy intro song in Hindi. Before getting busy with television, I acted in about 15 Hindi films as hero. I have shaken a leg for certain projects at that time, but I told Rajadhiraja’s director that I am no great dancer. However, they were confident about me. I was with the team for about 15 days and we shot at many locations like Pollachi and Hyderabad. It was a lot of fun!

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anon17/02/2019 (Sun) 10:16:343256Reply
anon17/02/2019 (Sun) 10:17:153257Reply
>I am not interested to act in women-oriented serials or play mythological characters on television, until something better than Bheeshma Pitamah — the character I played in Mahabharata series — is offered to me. I am also not happy with the way Mahabharata is serialised these days, tampering with many aspects, just to raise the TRP. In the past, the makers used to do justice to the storyline from the scriptures, but no more is it a priority.
anon17/02/2019 (Sun) 10:18:373258Reply
How to delete the above
I actually wanted to type >>3257
anon20/02/2019 (Wed) 06:08:243337Reply
Based Shaktimaan.
anon25/12/2018 (Tue) 02:10:512559Reply
How do Muslims in North India behave?

I know in South India the Tamil Muslims are violent criminal scum but the Kerala Muslims are slightly more civilized because of their Perso-Arab ancestry. But they both have much higher birth rates than Hindus.
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anon19/02/2019 (Tue) 09:40:583321Reply
If asked at any instant my instant reaction would be calling myself an Indian first. Get it down your throats - INDIA IS SECULAR TILL THE DAY HINDUS ARE IN MAJORITY.
anon19/02/2019 (Tue) 09:49:283322Reply
Wew MP and UP are no role model lol
Read the first answer boi
anon19/02/2019 (Tue) 13:02:383326Reply
Lol that's naive to say the least. Muslims wont openly say it to you because they know they are in Dar ul Kufr, the land of infidels. When they reach critical mass and feel strong enough, that's when the shitshow begins.

And don't forget that the Pakistan conspiracy was hatched in the heart of Uttar Pradesh. The majority of the ancestors of today's UP-Bihar urdu speaking Muslims voted for the Muslim League. A majority of them didn't/couldn't leave for Pakistan and stayed back. Now did their views about Islamic supremacism change overnight? Of course not, but they adjusted to the new reality and kept their true beliefs hidden for the time being.
anon20/02/2019 (Wed) 02:31:433334Reply
India needs a flag code bill now. Every state with their own flag would only divide us from inside.
anon20/02/2019 (Wed) 05:08:393335Reply
Bhaiyya Nationalists consider themselves 'Bharatiya' first because the Rapeublic considers their language Hindi (Urdu in Devnagiri) as the national language.
Most people beyond Vindhyas see India as a civilisation rather than a nation state. Bhaiyyas with their utter ignorance and insistence that 'hamara ek desh' will end up antagonising those who aren't Hindi and play into the hands of le urban naxals.

Also based and flagpilled
anon19/02/2019 (Tue) 12:11:303323Reply
Holy shit achievement unlocked. I don't even remember why I reported her but feels good man
(I guess she made one of those anti cprf tweets)
anon19/02/2019 (Tue) 12:45:163325Reply
she called someone "bitch".
anon19/02/2019 (Tue) 14:38:213327Reply
If she made anti-cprf tweets fine but if not you don't have to be such a manbaby for getting triggered by "bitch".
anon19/02/2019 (Tue) 19:34:003330Reply
Nah m8 she abused someone "bitch" because I have seen it. 100% sure.
anon20/02/2019 (Wed) 02:24:563332Reply
Not only bitch but hurdled abuses to their families and what not.
anon20/02/2019 (Wed) 02:29:233333Reply
Kek. Her account is suspended.
anon19/02/2019 (Tue) 06:23:493319Reply
WTF modi is a cuckold too
(Switch to 26:00)
context: modi's state election campaign speech 4 years ago in Kashmir valley. He is bragging about making the army apologize for shooting "innocent youth". That "misguided youth" actually broke through two barriers out of three at a checkpost. The army shot him near the third barrier. The soldier who shot him is still in Tihar jail. The checkpost was removed permanently. And guess what, that checkpost existed in the same place that terrorist car bomber travelled through to attack the jawans 5 days ago. So their blood is on Modi's hand too. I'm done with indian politics
anon19/02/2019 (Tue) 07:40:053320Reply
Why would someone have the time and patience to dig through a 4 year old video that barely has 50k views and watch through every single sentence?
anon19/02/2019 (Tue) 12:13:263324Reply
Watched a 30 second clip of this on twitter
anon19/02/2019 (Tue) 14:42:323328Reply
>this tweet was brought to you by Congress IT Cell.
anon19/02/2019 (Tue) 19:21:183329Reply
can you pls share the sources for that.
pls , i'd like to confirm
anon20/02/2019 (Wed) 02:23:513331Reply
Post the link to the tweet. It's a proven fact that twitter is filled with shills who tweet anti-BJP and pro-BJP messages for 5 rs per tweet.
anon17/02/2019 (Sun) 18:19:483266Reply
Not bad
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anon18/02/2019 (Mon) 03:27:013287Reply
Eh, Pakistan is more of a colony than their trade partner. Pakistan gains nothing from China. Hopefully it will be too late when they realise
anon18/02/2019 (Mon) 06:06:283288Reply
> please let polotics to a side
> indians u r d losers
anon18/02/2019 (Mon) 06:42:243289Reply
No, we can't. China knows that ours is a temporary bluff and we can't survive without chinese goods. It will just a mind game where they try to see which side will ask to come first out.(with india losing more than china because even if india is more profitable than paki, they know they can't get a pet dog and a puppet state out of india)
anon18/02/2019 (Mon) 10:20:233293Reply
Lowlife Normies GTFO
anon18/02/2019 (Mon) 19:34:453316Reply
Please stop turning this place into a BJP Unkills Whatsapp group
anon17/02/2019 (Sun) 10:45:173260Reply
anon18/02/2019 (Mon) 12:56:403308Reply
True bruh.
Pulwama attack [Discussion Thread]anon18/02/2019 (Mon) 11:05:093300Reply
BLF - Baloch Liberation front
anon18/02/2019 (Mon) 12:38:333306Reply
We already have 3 fag
anon27/12/2018 (Thu) 05:23:412598Reply
Good. Someone should blow up that shithole and shift the capital to Orissa.
anon27/12/2018 (Thu) 05:50:312599Reply
Though Jharsuguda is a niggertown but still there are signs "no ram no vote" but still Odisha is a niggertown and needs some serious genetic purge fucking low life scums.
anon28/12/2018 (Fri) 05:46:472613Reply
Capital cities are akin to containment boards like /b/. Why do you want to ruin Odisha?
anon17/02/2019 (Sun) 18:43:403277Reply
anon18/02/2019 (Mon) 10:27:203296Reply
Kill them before they hatch. I guess IB already has inside info of this web. They are just waiting for the right time.
anon16/02/2019 (Sat) 19:41:223217Reply
Which one you fags is this
anon16/02/2019 (Sat) 19:56:123220Reply
Katwe bhosdike
anon16/02/2019 (Sat) 20:44:063228Reply
Lunatic hindpoo seething
anon17/02/2019 (Sun) 18:18:003265Reply
anon18/02/2019 (Mon) 10:23:383294Reply
Paki-Jhant-ud-din Mohomed.
anon18/02/2019 (Mon) 10:24:133295Reply
Paki-Jhant-ud-din Mohomed.


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