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/pol/ right nowanon11/12/2018 (Tue) 07:39:512291Reply
hindoos today
anon11/12/2018 (Tue) 07:48:122295Reply
Gujjew Janata Party don't represent Hindus
anon11/12/2018 (Tue) 10:56:132299Reply
why this place has become /b/anon07/12/2018 (Fri) 16:31:332206Reply
I wanted to have some stimulating discussion about Indian politics at /Pol/but it seems you amiths have turned this place into /b/. Why can't Indians learn to put things to their intended use? Oh wait! first better learn how to poo in the loo.
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anon11/12/2018 (Tue) 05:09:572272Reply
>Caste System
Oh shit. we got an actual street shitter at our hands. Your time is over lil nigga. BJP ded now.
>Press "P" to piss on their grave
anon11/12/2018 (Tue) 06:08:572275Reply

kek we're just getting started dumbass

you forgot to put your fake flag lmao

get ready to get gassed low caste scum
anon11/12/2018 (Tue) 09:46:292297Reply
LOL sure. You niggers can never come back to power now.

The future is islamic & dalit nigga
anon11/12/2018 (Tue) 10:34:062298Reply
anon11/12/2018 (Tue) 12:05:312302Reply
>The future is islamic & dalit
Dangerously blackpilled
anon10/12/2018 (Mon) 15:20:402263Reply
What are you doing to stop the Islamisation of our glorious Hindustan?
anon11/12/2018 (Tue) 07:05:242288Reply
Voting for Shiv Sena
anon11/12/2018 (Tue) 07:39:222290Reply
Vouted for INC :^)
anon11/12/2018 (Tue) 08:15:072296Reply
Let's start with making you say Bharat.
You don't deserve Modianon12/11/2018 (Mon) 22:36:561493Reply
He has done so much for India and India's economy. If he doesn't get reelected you're all cucks that should be gassed.
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anon13/11/2018 (Tue) 01:13:481503Reply
>point out the irony of flaggots discussing this subject
>"hurr wy u complan abuut poleetix"
anon13/11/2018 (Tue) 07:23:401507Reply
says the giga cuck hiding away in west
> you're all cucks that should be gassed.
pic related waiting for you

Reminder you have no say in what goes on india unless you shit on the same streets as us
anon06/12/2018 (Thu) 05:44:122170Reply
>I m white you guys
lol, typical brownie.
anon06/12/2018 (Thu) 08:48:372181Reply

लोल | फिर से आ गया तेली गुजरती भारत को रास्ता दिखाने । पिछली बार करे थे एक ने टुकड़े चार, लेकिन ये वाला करेगा टुकड़े हज़ार।
anon11/12/2018 (Tue) 05:10:382273Reply
Ghanta kiya hai modi me, he is just following congress footstep of weakening the Hindu identity.
There is no right left in India, every party is on the left.
anon11/12/2018 (Tue) 04:09:212270Reply
Wow BAJPAH literally is on suicide watch
anon11/12/2018 (Tue) 05:06:142271Reply
anon09/12/2018 (Sun) 13:45:192236Reply
hello there NRIs
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anon09/12/2018 (Sun) 17:52:422242Reply
kek he doesn't realize he's the chamar in picture
anon10/12/2018 (Mon) 04:02:322256Reply
kek he doesn't realize there is no caste system abroad and Indians make the most flourishing race in west

the only place you will be cleaning white shit is india, (may shit be upon her).

Therefore - IMMIGRATE
anon10/12/2018 (Mon) 15:21:202264Reply
there's a simple caste system in the west

imagine being the son of a codemonkey in america, seriously just imagine it.
anon10/12/2018 (Mon) 16:33:202265Reply
Slave to pigskins in the West
Slave to farm niggers in India

The suffering never ends.
anon10/12/2018 (Mon) 22:44:452269Reply

>kek he is low caste so runs away to the US to validate himself as a human being
"Only Indian men treat women badly"anon10/12/2018 (Mon) 03:23:492255Reply
anon10/12/2018 (Mon) 04:19:152258Reply

> ढोल , गवार, पशु , शूद्र , नारी ये सब है ताडन के अधिकारी
anon10/12/2018 (Mon) 11:59:192260Reply
I don't speak Persian.
anon10/12/2018 (Mon) 13:13:592261Reply
>Only Indian men treat women badly
Jesus Christ no one say this you cunt take your insecurity somewhere else and stop shitting up the board
anon10/12/2018 (Mon) 22:26:572268Reply
Indian feminists say that.
Colonial Apologists BTFOanon09/12/2018 (Sun) 18:14:262243Reply
Fite me
anon09/12/2018 (Sun) 18:16:362244Reply
epic meme. i like the use of the word "occupation" and "colonization", because that's what it was.
anon09/12/2018 (Sun) 18:22:152245Reply
minor correction btw
anon09/12/2018 (Sun) 22:04:162251Reply
>colonial apologists
wait is this a real thing?absolute state of cuckery
anon10/12/2018 (Mon) 15:19:462262Reply
There was an article on TheWire pushing a narrative that we are being "harsh" on the English, after all they gave us the railways.

Indian colonial apologists are the cancer of our nation
anon09/12/2018 (Sun) 21:12:502250Reply
Muslim guy admits his underage nephew and niece voted in the election:

He is Muslim:
anon09/12/2018 (Sun) 23:59:102252Reply
anon10/12/2018 (Mon) 00:08:042253Reply
anon10/12/2018 (Mon) 01:33:352254Reply
anon09/12/2018 (Sun) 13:21:292235Reply
>he is a parambuthoori
anon09/12/2018 (Sun) 19:07:352247Reply
Is he?
anon09/12/2018 (Sun) 19:07:512248Reply
Are you?
anon09/12/2018 (Sun) 19:08:072249Reply
Am I?


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